Trent Richardson On Racing Jeff Demps: “He’s very fast. He beat me in that race.”

If you like speed, you’ll want to tune in Saturday night as the Crimson Tide take on the Florida Gators. If you like running backs, this game has some of the best. While Trent Richardson is a Heisman favorite, the Florida Gators have speedsters Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps.

Richardson recently spoke about racing Jeff Demps in high school:

“They never give up,” Richardson said of the UF backs. “They don’t like to go sideways much. They like to be one cut and go. I know they’re very fast and very quick. I got to race against Jeff Demps in high school. He was a senior when I was a junior. He’s very fast. He beat me in that race. I think he was the only person to beat me that year.

“For the first 40 we were going at it, after that it wasn’t a race,” Richardson said. “He’s pretty fast. I think after 80 meters he was already like 10 meters, maybe 20 meters in front of me. That dude was fast.”

About Rainey, Richardson also said the following:

“Chris Rainey, we’ve always been really good friends through recruiting and stuff. I got to watch him play my freshman year. He came down to play Niceville, and I was injured. I was on crutches watching him from the sideline. He was a real good running back. He’s always been a real good running back. We’ve always had a good relationship.”

What do you think about these running backs & this game?



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  • Tackle Rainey and/or Demps 20 times but miss once and it’s a TD. Ask Kentucky about Demps outrunning the supposed angle. A couple of missed tackles for Alabama and a good game by the defense and Florida can win this game.

  • Yea yall can talk all u want to, which team made little Tim Tebow cry after spanking that ass, gators better watchout, the tides comin in fast and heavy.

  • I’ll take Trent any day. We’re not racing Saturday, we’re playing football.

  • Fla total offense avg is 6.8 yds @ 462 and giving up 3.6 @ 232 for the last 4 161 pts vs 36
    Ala total offense avg is 6.8 yds @ 456 and giving up 2.8 @ 184 for the last 4 games at 154 pts vs 32
    Fla has given up 191 yards more than Bama buts thats it
    Fla has 1854 total yds Bama has 1824. Fla has scored 161 pts Bama has scored 154 pts.
    I dont see Dominance no where in these stats, This will be 1 more football game and the winner will take all

  • Every body is forgetting one thing, the QB if Bama gets penatration into the back field and Im sure they will neither Rainey or Demps will not be able to get there feet under them to run in just a couple of yards. Alabama defense is well aware of their speed and will have something for them come saturday. Saban not going to go into the swamp with out something to stop the run. Bama stops the run Fla drowns in their own swamp… Roll Tide

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