Vanderbilt Coach, James Franklin, Tackles Player During Practice

Vanderbilt Coach, James Franklin, Tackles Player During Practice

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If you’re the Vandy coach, you’ve got to get creative. You have a serious talent disadvantage to essentially every other team in your conference, so the coaches have to find creative ways to motivate the team and get them to play beyond their abilities.

Well, new coach James Franklin is doing just that.

As reported by the Tennessean’s Vandy blog:

Franklin participated as a quarterback during a full period of practice against his defense, something that is becoming a somewhat familiar sight.

After Franklin was intercepted by LB Archibald Barnes on a pass over the middle, the coach gave chase toward the front left pylon as Barnes attempted to return the pick for a score. Sophomore DB Andre Hal was shielding Barnes when Franklin – not wearing any pads, mind you – put two arms into Hal and sent him flying out of bounds. It was a priceless moment.

“I didn’t know who it was (I hit),” Franklin said. “I was trying to find out who it was. It was fun. It was fun to get out there and compete with them and fly around and show them how competitive that we’re all going to be in this program … everyone.”

Shoot, I think all SEC fans can appreciate that. At least the coach is fired up and wants his program to succeed. There’s more energy at Vandy than Ole Miss these days.

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  1. Just one more reason why Vandy is going 6-6 and be bowl eligible. They will beat Elon, UCONN, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Army, and Wake.

  2. Kevin
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Would love to see Vandy beat up on UConn. Look out, Vandy has some mo-mo!

  3. This guy is just what Vandy needed. Johnson was a good coach and did some nice things but I think Franklin will take them to the next level.

  4. Somebody with some fire at Vanderbilt. I love it.