Videos Of Fighting Coaches: Vanderbilt vs Georgia


What a great weekend in football for fighting coaches. In the SEC, it was UGA’s defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, yelling after the game at Vanderbilt’s Head Coach, James Franklin. They had to be pulled apart and here is the slow motion video of the incident:

The best part of it was probably the press conference by James Franklin. Click here to read William Wallace’s analysis of it. Here’s the video:

There was also a good scuffle in the NFL between the Lions coach and the 49ers coach. Here’s the video for it:

What do you think about Coaches fighting?

Which SEC Football coach would be the best fighter?



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    • Yep, classy. Maybe Grantham should have thrown his visor and complained that Vandy cheated. That’s what has kept Spurrier “classy” all these years.

  • Classy…hmmm like SCs coach gettin DUI’d after leavin a frat party?…or like your ex QB Garcia and all his Classiness?

  • We like to keep things interesting. Grantham could only wish to one day be as interesting as Steve Spurrier. Unfortunately for that to happen he needs to win championships, which is not happening at UGA anytime soon.

    • Remind me again…how many national championships have SC won?…oh yeah zero… and how many times has SC won an sec title?…..oh yeah zero…..and what is your record against UGA?…oh yeah 15 – 42. Nuff Said.

      • Keep living in the past my friend. The past is past but the future is now. It’s just a shame that you have to wait a whole nother year just to have the CHANCE to say you beat south carolina.

  • Haha, what gives Grantham the right to be talking so much shit? UGA’s D has been terrible all year.

    Vandy just hung 28 points on his defense. VANDY. He not only has no class, he’s also a crap coach.
    Richt needs to can his ass.

  • I fon’t know why UGA has any beef?? They only have the easiest schedule in SEC HISTORY !!! So Marky Mark gets to coach some more!! I was worried for a while ! But all trash talkin aside I hope every team in the SEC can stay injury free ! I hate to see a kid like Lattimore get hurt blocking for a team mate. Even Hershel said Lattimore is the best back in the NCAA! Hershel shows what class is about!! We could all take lessons from Walker!! Lets get another BCS for the SEC!!

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