Video: Joe Adams’ Punt Return Is Best Of The Year

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Comments 22

  1. Best punt return and best CALL of a punt return. Fantastic.

  2. The catch by Lutzenkirchen is also on the list for best of the year.

  3. Either the worst timing, tackling or greatest punt return of the season!

  4. The Crisco Kid!

  5. Arkansas’ personal greased big, Mighty Joe.

  6. Al
    Commented : 2 years ago

    No doubt, Joe is a master magician. Absolutely unbelievable!!

  7. As a Tennessee fan who has suffered much this season, all I can say is the way my team played, I could have run the punt in. That’s not to take away from Joe and his athleticism, which is great! No doubt, Arkansas fielded the best team.
    Looking forward to next season and a much more mature team. Still love my Vols.

  8. As a Vol, I am simply embarrassed. That is all.

  9. Pretty good, pretty good! Oh how soon we forget…. THIS

  10. ^^^ Maze’s return was good too. But not as impressive as Adam’s. ^^^

  11. That’s muh boy. WPS!!

  12. amazing… joe adams ended with 3 PR’s for TD for the 2012 season. We’re gonna miss you Joe :/

  13. Joe Adams had 4 punts returned for TD, counting the one in the Cotton Bowl.

  14. I love that the coach they showed on the sidelines is new the HEAD HOG! John L. Smith….WPS!

  15. This was by far the best college football play in the 2011 season. I’m excited to get the new season started!

  16. this is why arkansas is beast

  17. Look at Missouri’s Mercury Murphy’s kickoff return against Alabama, in the rain no less.

  18. 2014, here we come..Goooooo Hoggggssssss!!!