The Last Time Kentucky Played #1 LSU


In honor of Kentucky playing LSU this week, we present the highlights from the last time these two teams met when LSU had the top ranking in the country:

Here is the link to the 2002 Bluegrass Miracle if you would rather watch that video…



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  • Here’s the Dicky Lyons hit during that game:

  • When this game was played, I was in Kuwait trying to keep the sand out of my various orifices. When I read about it two days after the fact, I was shocked. Of all things…

  • Drew,
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I believe 07 was a valuable tool for Les to learn how to keep a team hungry when on a title hunt. This will still be a big match up. UK is still vey alive in the East and this would be a signature win early in Joker’s career. LSU will be expecting the Wildcats best shot. The crowd might be a little sleepy, but still jacked for the first home SEC game and the return of our #1 fighting Tigers. I hope LSU gets the game in hand so they can play Mett and get him some valuable conference p t. Florida is next week.

    Also the LSU COW getting leveled during the bluegrass celebration is almost as awesome as Lorenzen’s reaction.

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