Videos: Cheap Shots Between Georgia & Vandy


Check out the Georgia cheap shot against Vanderbilt which sparked the mid-field feud between Vanderbilt’s James Franklin and the Georgia coaches.

These videos have been removed.

Cleck here to read more about the three players suspended. Who do you think is to blame?

What’s your reaction to these cheap plays?



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  • The hit on the defenseless receiver was as dirty of a hit I’ve ever seen in college. I cannot imagine hitting another defenseless player in the head for no reason. Simply amazing what goes through these kids’ heads in the heat of the moment.

  • All three should be suspended. However, let me say that Williams’ shot on the receiver is possibly worthy of expulsion from the team. Driving your shoulder pad into the back of the other guy’s helmet is extremely dangerous and could have resulted in a concussion or worse. It is further appalling that the ref, who was looking right at it, didn’t flag it.

  • I also think another question may be? What will CMR do when he see’s this on film? Even if the kid didn’t get a Flag, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. CMR is constantly preaching “doing the right thing”. What will he do? The coaching staff had to see it. Interesting.

  • This isn’t a flagrant hit. The Vandy receiver made a move to the ball, he was tackled in anticipation of receiving the ball. It’s called reacting to the player’s motion. That individual who was hit was an eligible receiver.


  • The question is not whether he was an eligible receiver. Which he obviously was. The foul is the defender led with his helmet on a defenseless recever. It is a rule in NCAA and NFL. Also he was suspended for the hit. Regardless of a no call.

  • Mark Richt is a large part of the problem. These are some of the same thuggish tactics his players used when he coached at Florida State. When a head coach sends a team out to stomp on other team’s logos before a game or taunts them, orchestrates a team celebration after a touchdown and has his players retaliate en mass against an opposing player, that’s not a player issue, that’s a coaching issue.

  • Richt does remind me of a fast talkin used car salesman! I realize he was on “the hot seat” prior the the season.

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