Vols Grab Kicker Off Frat House Couch One Hour Before Game Time

This is a great story. After running out of kickers during pre-game warmups, the Tennessee Vols made a call to Derrick Brodus who was getting ready to watch the game on television from his frat house. The walk-on freshman was their only viable kicker at the moment. A police escort was sent, and Brodus was taken to the stadium.

“I thought it was a dream,” Brodus said. “I was just laying on my couch relaxing and I answer my phone and they just tell me that I need to come to the stadium as soon as possible.”

Dooley’s comments on the event are even better:

“[Rhome] went out there like the kickers do before pregame and they all come back in a panic,” coach Derek Dooley recounted after the game. “I said ‘let’s get an APB out on Brodus.’ It’s a good thing he wasn’t having too much fun on a Saturday afternoon.

“I told the coaches, ‘Hey — an intoxicated Brodus is better than nobody. Get him. Just get him here. Give him a Breathalyzer.’ Fortunately he didn’t do anything bad.”

So, how’d he do? 3 for 3 on extra points and a 21-yard field goal. Not bad for a frat boy!

Here’s the post game interview:



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  • That just makes last Saturday so much worse.

  • This is a great story.

    Regarding the Kicker: UN-FREAKING-REAL!!! Just shows how bad of a coach Dooley is and has been. I lost all my confidence in him when he punted against GA with 7:?? Minutes left in the Game. Then against SC, which we should have won, he opted to go for it on 4th down and 20, but could have easily got a FG Score and then did the obvious onside kick. At least it would have made more sense than going for the touchdown. Just throughout these entire football games, I see so many mistakes every time we get the ball. I have been to numerous TN ballgames, but the GA game? Man you could hear a pin drop among the 50K plus fans walking out of that stadium that night!!! LSU has our Defensive Coach and NC State got our Offensive Coach and both teams are kicking butt!!! When they let Fulmer go, they let the pride of TN go with it. Kiffin killed us as a coach, now Dooley who has a great ability to be an assistant, lacks the leadership both on and off the field and bringsa us nothing but humiliation every week. WE NEED A HEAD COACH BADLY!!!! This is our worst year in over what 50 years? Have yet to win 1 yes ONE SEC Ballgame!!!! ORANGE RUNS IN MY BLOOD AND SOME OF US VOLS FANS ARE TIRED OF WHAT WE ARE SEEING ON THE SIDELINE!!!! A Frat House to get a FG kicker??? If that doesn’t tell you the type of leadership going on in our Football program nothing will, plus our Basketball Coach is a dam liar!!! I HOPE SOMEONE IN KNOXVILLE IS WAKING UP!!!! WE WANT OUR TEAMS AND PRIDE BACK!!!!
    I think BAMA got HOSED in BCS Rankings and it still should be LSU #1 and BAMA #2, I just don’t see how the Okies or Stanford has what it takes to beat an SEC Team, even as bad as my Team is performing: PROUD TN VOLS FAN!!! POLITICS MAN…Even more reason why we need a PLAYOFF SYSTEM and just start 2 weeks early and add 2 weeks on the end, then there would never be any doubts on who is NUMBER #1 in the NCAA.
    Side note: Did you know the NCAA brings in more than 25% than the NFL versus FANS, FAN-WARE, COLLECTABLES, and YES – EVEN COMMERCIALS!!! THE NCAA IS EXTREMELY MORE POWERFUL THAN THE NFL COULD EVER WANT TO BE, E X C E P T: “The SUPER BOWL,” which is supposed to make up the difference. BS! I say pay the players or give them something besides a college degree. Hell you can buy a Transcripts and Degree On-Line – Literally!!! Says: TERRY M DUNCAN – terrymduncan@charter.net

    • You sir, are an idiot.

    • @TN-VOLS-FAN you sir are no fan a true fan does not set a blame a coach who came in the middle of term oil and is rebuilding yes ten years ago we did not have to go hunt a kicker down but when you have no other choice but that you roll with it and so quit crying and be a true vol fan and cheer we are loud and proud volunteers fan

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