Week 11: What Happened To You On Saturday?

Recappin’ a weekend of SEC Football action with a little attitude…

Was it a huge win for Dawgs?

After their most complete victory of the season, Georgia is one win away being SEC East Champions.

Alright, stop laughing LSU fans.  Georgia’s win over Auburn proves they are clearly better than the 4th tier SEC teams like Auburn, Florida, and Vanderbilt, but it tells us nothing more than that.

Georgia has 8 SEC games on their schedule this season.  Those 8 teams are literally the 8 worst teams in the SEC.  No Alabama.  No LSU.  No Arkansas.   They beat the 7 worst teams in the SEC and lost to the 8th worst.  They beat the teams they should have beat and lost to the teams they should have lost to (Boise State and pre-Garcia meltdown and pre-Lattimore ACL tear South Carolina).  That will likely continue.  They will likely beat Kentucky and will get smoked by LSU.

The good news for Georgia is Aaron Murray is very good and is only a sophomore.  There is a lot more Aaron Rodgers in Aaron Murray than there is in Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers, who actually shares a mother and father with the Super Bowl MVP.  His two best receivers are Freshman Malcolm Mitchell and Sophomore Orson Charles (who Verne Lundquist wants me to tell you is Murray’s High School teammate).  The best RB is true Freshman Isaiah Crowell.  The future should be bright.

The bad news for Georgia is their schedule gets a bit tougher next year.  They play at Alabama at South Carolina and at Auburn and all three teams should be better next season.  Also, the same coach who led them to a 6-7 season and a bowl loss to UCF a year ago is coming back.  Mark Richt will be at the helm for what will be Aaron Murray’s final college season (unless he decideds he wants to keep partying with Ronnie from the Jersey Shore and comes back for his senior year.)

Spurrier Loves Beating the Gators

South Carolina’s hopes of taking the step from SEC East contender to National Championship contender took a huge hit when the “good” Stephen Garcia never rolled out of bed.  The remaining slivers of hope were destroyed when Marcus Lattimore went down with a season ending knee injury.  But give South Carolina and Steve Spurrier credit, they are staying positive and continue to keep some heat on Georgia.

South Carolina’s victory on Saturday gives the Gamecocks wins over former SEC East bullies Florida, Georgia and Tennessee in second consecutive season, something not many people thought would be possible when Spurrier took over in 2005.

Despite those wins, South Carolina still has very little chance of actually winning the SEC East.  Their only hopes depend on Georgia losing to a basketball school that just lost to Vandy by 30.

The Rematch of the Century?

Last week I wrote LSU-Alabama Part II:  It’s Gonna Happen.  In that I accurately predicted that Stanford would lose to Oregon.  What I did not predict was that Boise State would choke on a potato chip.  Two of the biggest obstacles standing in between LSU and Alabama have been destroyed.  That leaves Oklahoma State, and all eyes will be on their December 3 home game against Oklahoma.  This will be the biggest Oklahoma State game ever, I’m assuming.  As if playing against a rival that has owned you forever wasn’t enough pressure.  It’s now on Big Game Bob Stoops to live up to his nickname (stop laughing Florida and USC fans).

If that game goes as I expect it to go, the BCS computers and voters will only have one logical conclusion:  Rematch.  Yes, a rematch would be entirely unfair to LSU, who will have to earn their spot on the field in the SEC Championship game while Alabama sits at home, but what’s fair to LSU isn’t a factor here.  The BCS system was created to allow the two best teams in the country to play for a National Championship.  The system isn’t perfect and it’s hardly fair, but the BCS usually gets it right.

In Future SEC News…

After their win over Texas, Missouri just rolled out of the Big 12 like “Scarface” rolled out of His Royal Beefness in Half Baked.  Was Texas too big time for the rest of the Big 12 or was it the other way around?  I can’t tell.

Texas A&M lost to a resurgent Kansas State team 53-50.  There is absolutely zero defense being played in College Station.  It’s a good thing Bear Bryant is dead and doesn’t have to watch this.  Regardless of that, I think the Texas A&M – Arkansas game is must-watch TV every season.

Week 11 A-Team

Joe Adams – WR Arkansas – Unreal.  (Insert Highlight of Adam’s Punt return)

Aaron Murray – QB Georgia – 14-18 224 yards 4 TD.  The best game of his career.

James Franklin – Head Coach Vanderbilt – 38-8 win means Vandy is nowhere near the most pathetic team in the SEC.

What They Meant to Say

“Perfection is what we all aim for, but it’s easy, it takes constant training.  People don’t see the hours spent in the gym but it all pays off.  I mean we literally played quarters on his abs.”Aaron Murray, QB Georgia, on his buddy’s rockin’ body

“Big deal.  Let’s see what he looks like when he’s 66 (rips his shirt off and poses) – Steve Spurrier, Head Coach, South Carolina on Aaron Murray’s buddy’s rockin’ body

“Trust me, alcohol is a dead-end street.  Hey, jacked guy, are you done with that beer?” Stephen Garcia, Deep Fryer, Long John Silvers on Aaron Murray’s underage drinking picture



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  • Stephen Garcia, Deep Fryer, Long John Silvers


  • I don’t see how you say “will get smoked by LSU.”????

    Yeah, our schedule is not strong. We have not played many any great teams. We did lose two games to start the season. but it is undeniable that the Dawgs have improved dramatically. I don’t see any team “smoking” Georgia. They are a complete football team. They have tons of offensive weapos. They have had 14 different players score in the last 2 game. There DEFENSE is on point. It is one of the best in all of college football. You need to look back to 05′ when LSU was highly ranked and UGA smoked them in the SEC Championship Game! I believe the final score was 38-13. It was not supposed to go down that way that year or this year. But, if you have watched a Georgia game in the last few weeks than you can see this a far cry away from last year or even earlier this season. UGA will put a good fight in the Championship game if not even pull the upset! Goooo Dawgs….

    Email me when I am right so I can say I told ya so!

    A fan with Faith

    • Yea well this isn’t 2005 and LSU smoked Georgia in 2003 Bama scored 6 on LSU do you think Georgia is really gonna light it up on the Tigers good luck.

      • Alabama’s offense is one dimensional. with a bad kicker. i honestly dont get this LSU will smoke the dawgs. Arkansas and Georgia have the two best offenses. Arkansas’ isnt complimented with a good stout D. Georgia’s is, even considering a weak schedule, defense still has to play. Oregon scored 27 points. WVU geno smith passed for 436 points and scored 21 points yes lsu won both games but only entered scoring position twice against Bama’s D. We have a damn stout d and lsu offense is nothing special. Not saying who will win but right now it looks like a damn good game stacking up.

    • what in the world do the 2005 UGA bulldogs have to do with either the 2011 LSU tigers or UGA bulldogs, or any other team in the SEC for that matter?

      the bulldogs from 2005 won’t be playing in atlanta this year. even if they were i still doubt they’d beat this year’s LSU team.

  • No one is saying UGA will “smoke” LSU….but it ain’t gonna be a walk in the park either. After 6-7 last year why wouldn’t UGA fans be encouraged this year??

    UGA certainly has a stout defense and LSU QB play hasn’t been the best all year.

    It’s certainly a possibility UGA can upend LSU.

  • they might not win but I’ll bet they put up more than 6. From the look of it, UGA’s coaching is at least on par with Bama after those poor coaching decisions in Tuscaloosa.

  • Before you talk too much smack about UGA, let’s take a look back at the LSU/Auburn score this year, 45-10 AT Death Valley… Not too terribly different from the GA/Auburn score, 45-7. Maybe it will be surprisingly competitive. But please, keep talking crap about them, because that only provides more inspiration to prove you and the rest of the world wrong.

  • Aaron Murray is not going to leave early for the NFL. He doesn’t project as an NFL-pro style QB. He will graduate, and contend with David Greene for the most wins in UGA history.

  • UGA isn’t in Atlanta quite yet. Anything can happen any given Saturday.

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