Wisconsin Bribes Students To Stop Expletive Chant

Wisconsin Bribes Students To Stop Expletive Chant

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Wisconsin played Indiana at 11:00am ET this morning. Here’s a video of the favorite chant of the this classy Big 10 student section:

Yesterday, Wisconsin officials sent out another email to students, this time extending a carrot in an effort to bribe the fans to stop doing this cheer in the stadium. Athletic director Barry Alvarez and coach Bret Bielema signed the letter and here’s a quote from it:

“In a further effort to demonstrate how serious we are about creating a more collegial atmosphere in the student section at Camp Randall Stadium, we are offering you a positive outcome for positive behavior.

If the so-called ES-FU chant is not heard Saturday at the Indiana game (from the time the gates open until the 5th quarter is over), we will randomly select two student season ticket holders to be the recipients of a trip (transportation, three nights lodging and game tickets included) to our football team’s bowl game this year.

This offer is in effect for the remaining home games this season. In other words, if the chant stops for the rest of the season, six individuals will have free trips to the bowl game.”

What’s your reaction to this cheer & email?

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  1. Awesome. Just do it before the kids show up.