Aaron Murray now has the top passer rating in the SEC


With AJ McCarron throwing two interceptions on Saturday, the top passer rating in the SEC now belongs to Aaron Murray.

Murray has been sensational in his last two outings. Against Ole Miss and Auburn, Murray is 39 of 52 with a 75% completion percentage, 592 passing yards, 7 TD and 0 INT.

SEC Quarterbacks – Passing Statistics

Name Att Comp Pct. Yards TD Int Rating
1 Aaron Murray 275 181 65.8% 2656 24 7 170.66
2 AJ McCarron 238 157 66.0% 2158 20 2 168.18
3 Connor Shaw 182 120 65.9% 1610 14 6 159.03
4 Johnny Manziel 336 227 67.6% 2780 18 6 151.17
5 Tyler Bray 388 237 61.1% 3216 29 10 150.22
6 Tyler Wilson 320 195 60.9% 2803 18 10 146.83
7 Bo Wallace 279 183 65.6% 2239 12 10 140.02
8 Tyler Russell 301 182 60.5% 2249 17 4 139.21
9 Jeff Driskel 193 125 64.8% 1324 10 3 136.38
10 Jordan Rodgers 244 144 59.0% 1945 9 3 135.69
11 Zach Mettenberger 263 155 58.9% 1990 10 4 132.01
12 James Franklin 211 122 57.8% 1283 8 7 114.77
13 Corbin Berkstresser 131 64 48.9% 698 3 5 93.55

If Murray plays the way he is capable of playing, we should expect the Georgia offense to indeed move the ball against Alabama. We’ve now seen two teams in LSU and Texas A&M have a great deal of success in doing just that.

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  • Aaron Murray vs ranked teams (USC & UF): 23 / 55 (41.8% completion), 1 TD, 4 INTs, 259 yards

  • Here come all the haters…..USCe fans frustrated they beat UGA again this year and they get to sit at home on Dec 1st watching Murray and the Bulldawgs play in Atlanta.

  • We all know that a season is a war, not a battle, and as of 10 weeks into this war Aaron Murray is playing well. His great playing ability is not just a law of averages to this point, but a story of rebounding as a player, and simply dominating. Look at Kevin’s mention of the stat. “Murray is 39 of 52 with a 75% completion percentage, 592 passing yards, 7 TD and 0 INT.” Granted that was Ole Miss and Auburn, both SEC West teams I might add, but they are still SEC games, in the dwindling season. If the UGA O-line can protect Murray early enough in the SECCG to make three 15 yd+ completions, Gurley will keep the threat of the rush present and help Aaron have a nice pocket for all four quarters. His motivation to prove he does not choke in big games, and having a stellar defense firing on all cylinders will make this game a lot closer than some Bama fans would like to think.

    • Well Jax dawg SC fans aren’t hating just pointing out facts. I guess winning the east 2 years in a row is your royal excuse for losing to SC these days. Look kudos on making it to Atlanta again but 2 things are about to happen. Number 1 Alabama will win with ease. And number 2 once again UGA will play SC into a better bowl. Enjoy your high ranking now but when reality hits and once again the rest of the nation notices how weak your schedule was which I admit. Isn’t your fault but sadly it won’t do you any favors. I do have one question. Will Murray be back next year? I certainly hope so! See ya between the hedges.

      • One more thing. Beast teams do not lose to inner divisional opponents by 28 pts. I admit SC had no buisness playing for the East this year since FL drilled us. However, you UGA fans run around acting all high and mighty and for what? Compared to FL and SC your SOS was as soft as a grape. But to be fair Id love for you guys to prove me wrong. Beat Alabama and I will be the first to tell you. Y’all should play for the title!

        • Alabama will win with ease? Your entire argument is based off of a single game that was 5 weeks ago. This is obviously a much better UGA team than when we played South Carolina, as we have finally pulled together on defense, Murray has the burden of beating a ranked opponent, and Gurley has emerged as the premier back. If you go and look, UGA is better than Bama in nearly ever offensive category, and closing the gap in the defensive ones. People who say “‘Bama will win with ease” are delusional and haven’t been watching UGA lately and ignoring ‘Bama struggles.

        • Agree…I have no qualms with UGA in the SECCG once again they defeated a common foe that we didn’t (FLA), but don’t sit on your high horse telling us that you are the almighty team…because you aren’t

        • We all know what Spurrier does against UGA. That has been proven at his tenure at two schools. Now to address you SOS argument. The only ranked team you have played so far, that we have not, would be LSU, which was a loss. Also, you played Missouri at home, and we played them on the road in their SEC debut. Let’s not be mistaken, Mizzou is no power house, but defiantly a stage more prone to upset. I would also like to point out that UF did to you, exactly what you did to us, early turnovers converted to points. And nobody here is saying we are an almighty team. We are just saying we are playing better football than we were six weeks ago, and that Alabama isn’t. Our chances are much better in Atlanta December 1st, then I would have predicted after the nightmare that was Columbia.

        • I agree. Instead pf claiming that we just aren’t a good team look at how we’ve been playing. Yes we hardly showed up at S.C but that was a while ago. Same kinda thing happened when you played Florida. We deserve more than the Bama fans are giving us though I mean we have been playing MAINLY error free football of late and Bama has been going downhill. If the Georgia Bulldogs show up and play to their potential they could very well knock off Bama and be heading to Miami

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