Alabama beats LSU 21-17 in amazing finish

NCAA Football: Alabama at LSU

What a game of SEC Football down in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. LSU brought their best and threw everything including some risky gambles at Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide team. They almost pulled it out. AJ McCarron led a drive with under two minutes to go ending in a TJ Yeldon touchdown which put the Crimson Tide up 4 with just seconds to go.

As this game closed in on an exciting finish, the entire country tuned in to watch this heavyweight match. There will be no criticism about the excitement of this game.

As we stated this week, to win this game, LSU had to get great quarterback play from Zach Mettenberger, win the turnover battle and make aggressive plays. LSU did all three of these things, but the risky gambles did not go the way of the Tigers. Head coach Les Miles will get some criticism for the failed fake field goal on a 4th and 12, the failed onside kick attempt and the failed 4th down conversion, but it was clear that Miles was going to throw everything at the Tide.

The biggest story of the night was the LSU offense which moved up and down the field at will. Mettenberger converted third down after third down.

Key numbers:

  • LSU converted 10 of 20 third downs while Alabama only converted 1 of 9.
  • LSU made 22 first downs and 435 yards of offense. Alabama had 18 first downs and 331 yards of offense
  • Alabama had 2 turnovers compared to LSU’s zero turnovers.

When it mattered though, AJ McCarron completed 4 of 5 passes going 72 yards for a winning touchdown drive with just 1:34 left in the game.

The third battle between these two teams in the last year ended up being the most dramatic. This game lived up to the hype and then some.

Alabama’s perfect season continues. Kudos to LSU for giving this game their all.



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  • Awesome game. I always make sure to watch that game. Congrats to Alabama for really pulling it out. Led Miles is guilty of shoddy play calling though.

  • LSU and Les took too many risks and paid for it. Playing safe and going for a field goal and the end was the biggest mistake of it all. Alabama was bound by fate to win when you go for that kind of play calling. It was LSU’s win, and they blew it. Big time.

    • I’m not entirely sure how going for the FG in that situation was a bad call. If it had been successful it would have forced Alabama to go for a TD or lose the game. As the score stood Alabama had the option of a TD to win or a FG to tie and go to OT thereby keeping them in the game. Eliminating one avenue of victory for your opponent I think is a smart move.

      • You have a point, but even if the FG was made by LSU, they would of not beaten Alabama because in the end Alabama scored a TD. LSU had the momentum, they should of went for a touchdown. When you try to burn the clock and play conservative, I don’t think that was the right call. They should of atleast attempted a pass for a first down, as LSU was getting successful 3rd down conversions. Instead, they ran the ball and got stopped short.

        • Its only shoddy play calling if a team loses. I am a die-hard Alabama fan but their
          play calling last night was terrible. The inefficient secondary blitzing almost killed Bama,
          the complete abandonment of the running game almost the entire second half.

        • I know you were directly replying to me Aaron but the part that I thought was really bad play calling was the fake punt that could have been a touchdown and I believe there was one more but it must have left me in my sleep lol. Both teams really put on a show and I understand its only bad play calling if it doesnt work but in some instances I think it was the right play and others I dont think it was. We all know how momentum works and if LSU hadnt of fake punted and kicked a field goal it couldve swung things in a different direction for either team for that matter.

  • Great game very proud to be a bama fan

  • Hats off to the Tigers. They really whipped up on us during the second half. I’m just thankful that we could pull out that drive at the last minute.

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