Spurrier: Bama could beat ‘a couple’ NFL teams


Steve Spurrier is known to speak his mind and test the wits and souls of anyone who will listen and talk about it. Guilty as charged. Even now, he’s testing the boundaries of rationality by suggesting that Alabama could not just compete against NFL teams, but he thinks they could actually knock off a couple NFL bottom feeders.

“Alabama, gosh, they look like they could beat a couple of those NFL teams that I’ve watched on Sundays,” Spurrier told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday. “I think a lot of the oddsmakers out there, that usually know what’s going on, I’d guess Alabama would be favored by a little bit.”

I assume Spurrier was talking about Bama matching up with an NFL team for one game, not a complete season. He knows first-hand how much different the pro game is from college every Sunday, and any NFL teams would likely beat the best college team at will each week.

However, for one game, it sure would be fun to watch unfold.

The college and the NFL games don’t exist on the same physical plane, though. The pounding these players in the NFL take day-in and day-out is a totally different game than what’s played in college.

It reminds me of ‘Daddy strength’. No matter how much bigger or stronger you are than your dad, he will always win in a fight and a wrestling match because he has man strength. College players are still young men who are developing their bodies. NFL players are grown ass men ready to pound you into the dirt. There’s a difference.

It’s easy for Nick Saban to eliminate Denard Robinson, Tim Tebow or one playmaker on another team from the game plan, but when there’s a quarterback, two running backs and three receivers who would all be worthy of being double-teamed in college, there’s too much talent on the field.

Spurrier was no doubt pointing his finger towards Kansas City and Jacksonville as the bottom feeders of the NFL in its current state.

To stay unbeaten in college for the entire season – what Alabama is planning on doing – is oh-so tough, but the NFL game is just a brutally physical game that is just on another level.

But it would be fun to watch for one game.




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  • I’m buying it. I bet if they took Alabama and pitted them against an NFL team on PPV, it would be the biggest grossing PPV event of all time.

  • The entire country would tune into that PPV, JMW. Can you imagine Maurice Jones Drew running against Alabama’s defense. He’s more of a man than anyone on Bama’s team, and he’s the running back. I would see a 2 TD victory for the Jags.

  • Thats retarded, any nfl teams second string could beat alabama based on size and speed alone. The fact that this is even considered to be taken seriously is ridiculous lol.

  • Best response on twitter: “That wouldn’t be fair to the NFL teams since they have a salary cap to contend with.”

  • I’m on record saying this is the best Alabama team in recent years and I think they run away with the National Championship this year. With that said, the worst NFL team would absolutely destroy Alabama by 30+ points. It wouldn’t be even close.

    • Agreed
      Bama may have 20 players that are NFL talent. NFL teams have 53. I think the separation happens in the depth. The Browns have Trent Richradson and Brandon Weeden. The Jags have Blaine Gabbert and Dez Bryant. Spurrier is trying to distract Saban. It is easier to recruit when one guys isn’t winning back-to-back MNC.

  • strength and speed aside, i also believe that understanding the Xs and Os would be a huge disadvantage for the tide. Not that NS isn’t a great coach but NFL players understand the game as a much different level. With that said, can they play each other right before the SEC championship game? My Dawgs are gonna need all the help they can get.

  • I’d love to see it

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