Video: Why Auburn is the worst coaching job in the SEC and viable coaching candidates




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  • WOW!…perfect example of the media controlling the fate of Auburn!

  • Yeah. I don’t agree with Russ in this situation. I would accept the Auburn job before the Arkansas job.

  • Russ is an idiot! Shows how little he knows of the Auburn family and the support they will give! Worst job in the SEC because we won the NC 2 years ago??…stupid reason…..AU coach will be judged based on what he does on the field…not what someone else does! It amazes me how the media thinks Alabama and Saban are unbeatable!

  • This is completely idiotic. No information at all. Why bother wasting bandwidth on the internet. It’s completely ridiculous to compare Chizik’s record with Cam and without Cam. It is either lazy or stupid. The comparison should be with Cam, Nick Fairley, 23 seniors and without Cam, Fairley, and 23 srs.

    Chizik’s issues started with not being able to come to terms with Gus Malzahn after spending 3 excellent recruiting seasons acquiring players to fit into a Malzahn type offense. The change in offensive coordinator and offensive style killed any chance of Chizik being able to have a decent season.

  • Love the points about being in the same zip code almost as Alabama. To have beating AL as your main expectation… That’s a tough hill to climb. But I would rate it as among the worst because of the alumni interference. Time and time again… It’s what gets AU in trouble. It’s what gets good coaches fired.

  • Hmmm….I noticed this link still hanging around from something I just read 10 mins ago. I realize it’s quite a different picture now that they’re going to big show but you gotta love so-called sports gurus who turn out to be not only wrong, but spectacularly wrong.

  • What a *wonderful* difference a year makes. I am confused as to why this is still a top video. It did not turn out to be such a bad thing to be “…in the same zip code with – arguably – the most successful college coach of our generation.” I think Coach Malzahn “countered Nick Saban’s impact on the state” just fine :-D.

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