NCAA investigating Auburn’s football program


A report from Yahoo! says that Auburn is being investigated by the NCAA, again.

Here’s the report from Pat Forde at Yahoo! Sports:

According to multiple sources, NCAA investigators have been working for weeks on potential improprieties involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, representatives of the school’s athletic interests and third parties. Assistant coaches Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper have been scrutinized by the NCAA, sources said. Taylor is the assistant head coach and wide receivers coach, while Luper coaches running backs and is the recruiting coordinator.

Both Taylor and Luper were taken off the road recruiting several weeks ago amid the NCAA probe, sources said. Taylor was a finalist this season for national Assistant Coach of the Year honors from the American Football Coaches Association.

Chizik was asked in late October as to whether the NCAA was investigating Auburn, in which he neither confirmed nor denied the accusation:

“I don’t have time for all of that,” Chizik said, according to an Auburn transcript of his press conference Oct. 30. “I’ve got one direct focus: that is my team and my players. That has nothing to do with us winning. Whoever said that has nothing to do with anything, so I am not getting into any of that stuff. I’ve got one track, and that is our players and our coaches, and trying to get us to the next win, so, all of that stuff, I have no comment on that.”

The NCAA is said to be investigating the recruitment of former running back Jovon Robinson, who is no longer enrolled at Auburn because of the fraudulent transcript.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports in September that the NCAA has been investigating the recruitment of 2012 Auburn signee Jovon Robinson, whose Memphis Wooddale High School academic transcript was found to be forged and was subsequently declared ineligible in August to play this year at the school. The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported in August that a guidance counselor at Wooddale admitted creating a fraudulent transcript and resigned.

There’s not much new news in the Yahoo! report, and it is more of a recap than anything. However, it just answers the question that was dodged by Chizik in October.

One has to think that Saturday’s Iron Bowl will probably be Gene Chizik’s last game as the head man for the Tigers’ football team. Winless in the SEC and 3-8 overall, Chizik’s team has shown little development and no progress from beginning to end. The NCAA investigation only puts more negative emphasis on the embattled coach.

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The NCAA interviewed at least one Auburn assistant football coach and several players on campus this week in a continuing investigation of the signing of former Tigers’ running back Jovon Robinson, according to someone familiar with the situation.

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  • As punishment, Auburn should be forced to keep Chizik as their head coach.

  • Auburn is a joke – as a athletic program and as a school. They truly are the at the bottom of the SEC when it comes to athletics and academics. 2010 doesn’t count because they bought that championship with Scam Newton. They should be kicked from the SEC for how pitiful they are. They have not accomplished anything, whatsoever.

  • If Chizik gets in trouble Auburn won’t have to pay him his 7.5 million…

  • So what does it take to get National Ass. Coach of the Yeah honors? $50 and fill out and application?

  • Auburn could hang on to Chizik until this all gets sorted out. It will be tougher to get a good coach with unknown NCAA sanctions hanging around.

  • Auburn also has a history of keeping people on payroll that likely have dirt on the program or know where bodies are buried. It will be interesting to see how much house cleaning actually happens.

  • Does anyone know where Jovon Robonson is now? Did he go to JUCO or just go home? The sad part of it all is that he was manipulated by adults who should have known better.

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