Who’s That Bearded Man? It’s Arkansas’ Austin Flynn

The greatest beard in the SEC goes to Arkansas’ Austin Flynn. If you’ve seen a better one, please let me know. The JUCO transfer enrolled early for the Hogs, and he obviously started growing his beard early and never trimmed it. I am green with envy right now.

The word on the street for the Hogs is that Flynn has been putting up caveman-like numbers in the weight room, and the team already respects him for his strength….and his beard.

The defensive end’s shoulder-length hair and massive beard has not been mandated to be cut, yet.

“I’m just waiting for the big boss man to tell me to cut it all off,” Flynn joked.

“I’m just going to let it grow, man. Just let it grow,” Flynn said. “I might trim my beard a little bit, but not my hair.

“I’m just waiting for him to call me over and say, ‘Austin, you need to clean up,’ ” Flynn said. “Hey, it’s not a problem. He hasn’t said anything yet so far.”

“Must eat quarterback”.



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