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Baylor coach spews ridiculous anti-SEC comments

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His name is Phil Bennett.

His official title is Defensive Coordinator of the Baylor football team. He has coached at both Texas A&M and LSU and was excited about beating an overrated Kansas State team on Saturday night. The defense that he coaches is one of the worst in the country, allowing 504 yards per game. Baylor’s record after beating Kansas State is 5-5.

But yet, after the upset over Kansas State, he made the following statements to CBS:

“Alabama? We would have beat them tonight!”

“That’s why Texas A&M is doing well in that league… SEC teams don’t face anything like us.”

Phil Bennett Baylor Coach SEC trash talk

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Comments 6

  1. What a buffoon. Does he not remember the 2 HOME losses A&M had to LSU and Florida?

  2. As a Texas A&M Aggie I am used to this kind of talk coming out of Waco.

    1. Texas A&M was a mediocre team in the big 12. Upon joining the SEC we rolled the dice on a new coach and a new system (and JFF). That gamble payed off and now the big 12 wants to ride our coat tails as if it grants them some credibility.

    2. While at the same time they are ignoring Mizzou. Missouri was a good team in the big 12, kept everything the same, and is getting dominated by SEC teams.

  3. Let’s just ignore that Mizzou was the better team in the Big 12 and all…

  4. RAB83
    Commented : 1 year ago

    Typical Baylor. They have long suffered delusions of grandeur and like to think they are a Baptist version of Notre Dame, only with the athletics, academics, and alumni. Baylor is a C-USA team that had a couple of corrupt graduates in influential state government positions during the breakup of the SWC and who used their influence to blackmail Texas A&M into joining the Big 12, rather than the SEC, as part of a play to force A&M and Texas to pull Baylor and Tech into the new conference. They play the role of conference chihuahua, yipping, yapping, and occasionally biting someone.

    • robdean
      Commented : 1 year ago

      Arkansas beat A&M three years in a row before this year and they won decisively over Kansas State in the 2012 Cotton Bowl. If this guy ever gets his head out of his ass he might know what’s going on.

  5. The Baylor coach is a buffoon.