Best quotes from SEC Media Day two: ‘Get your piss hot’


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Tuesday, Steve Spurrier had some great quotes and comments, and that was to be expected. But Missouri WR TJ Moe might have overshadowed and outwitted Spurrier himself. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Anyway, day two was sure not to let anyone down with the ever-quotable Les Miles walking through the doors. But John L. Smith proved to be no slouch on the comment meter, either. Perhaps the best comment of the day comes from Smith’s LB Tenarius Wight on how Coach Smith gets his players fired up. “Get your piss hot!”

Here are the best quotes from day two:

“Coach tells us to ‘get your piss hot’ to motivate the team.” -Tenarius Wright, about John L. Smith

“Why did those guys tell you that?” – John L. Smith, about players telling media his motivational phrase

“Can we move on to the next question. At least one with intelligence.” – Smith to media

“Well, certainly. Do I look stupid? Don’t answer that!” – Smith, after someone asked if he wanted to be at Arkansas more than a year

“I’m still the best running back in this league.” – Knile Davis

“Coach Petrino called me recently to apologize.” – Davis

“The SEC is a downhill, man on man game, and you gotta line up and play.” – Will Muschamp

“The thing that we got to do is beat Tennessee on a consistent basis.” – Joker Phillips

“I follow Coach Spurrier because he seems to have an entertaining way of communicating.” -Les Miles

“I trust that a playoff committee with great scrutiny applied, will get it right.” – Miles, on top teams making playoffs

“No game is won on a twitter page.” – Miles, on Honey Badger’s twitter argument with AJ McCarron

“I sat behind two really good quarterbacks last year.” – LSU’s Zach Mettenberger

“Les Miles is a fiery guy. He’s a little quirky. He’s every bit what you see on TV.” – Mettenberger

“I scored in the Iron Bowl, flailed my legs around, and the next day it was on YouTube as ‘The Lutzie’ dance.” – Auburn’s Phillip Lutzenkirchen

“You gotta wear long britches. They don’t wear short pants in that league.” – Gene Stallings’ message to TAMU

“I think Starkville could be the best college town in the country.” – Dan Mullen



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