VIDEO: Bobby Petrino ESPN interview




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  • Am I the only one that isn’t buying any this guy says? The only thing this guy is sorry about is getting caught. If he didn’t “end up in a roadside ditch” he’d still be lying and cheating and abusing his powers. I think every man can relate to the temptations but this whole thing stinks…just like running out on his previous teams like a coward.

  • I’m a Christian and a rabid Hog fan. I have to believe the guy. If he were to come back to Fayetteville and do it again, then that would be another story. We all make mistakes. I only hope he doesn’t coach in the SEC against Arkansas, because there is no doubt about it. He’s one of the best there is.

    • Listen I feel bad for the Hog fans that thought this was a good man, but yall gotta look at reality. This guy has done nothing but embarrass and betray his family, teams, and employers every where he’s been:

      2006- Signs a 10 year 25 million dollar contract w/ Louisville and states: “For me and for my family, Louisville is home,” he told Louisville’s athletic board.. “I also wanted to make sure that everyone understood — and I know I’ve said it — that this is where my family wants to be and where I want to be. But I want everyone to really believe it when it is said.”

      2007- Leaves for NFL after lying about seeking out other opportunities

      Dec 07- Walks out without a word on the 3-10 Falcons with 3 games left after telling the players and owner he would return the following season.

      2012: Lies, Cheats, and Abuses his power at Arkansas and everyone (including espn) acts like they are suprised. REALLY?

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