Tennessee hires Cincy’s Butch Jones


Volquest.com – a paid Tennessee content site – has now confirmed that Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones will be the next head coach for the Vols. His introductory press conference is set for 2:30 PM ET this afternoon in Knoxville.

Tennessee turned their full attention to Jones after Charlie Strong turned down the offer publicly yesterday morning.  And after 18 days of interviews, including three rejections by Jon Gruden, Mike Gundy and Strong, Tennessee has their man who will lead their immediate future in the SEC.

Lyle Allen “Butch” Jones has been a head coach for six years, with a career record 50-27. He’s been the coach at Central Michigan from 2007 to 2009, before moving to Cincinnati in 2010 through 2012.

In six years as a head coach, Davis has finished first in his conference four times. He’s a winner, but he hasn’t been on the big stage, yet.  Every big-time head coach had to start somewhere, and Tennessee is arguably the top opening in the country.

Jones has followed Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly’s path at his last two jobs, and AD Dave Hart certainly hopes Jones can continue his winning success at Tennessee.

The Vols have a major rebuilding job ahead in the next couple of years, but a good coach can get the program winning and competing for East championships in two to three years.

What do you think about the Vols’ new hire?

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  • The Gators fully welcome Butch Jones to the Big Leagues, otherwise known as the SEC. He’s a proven winner, but he has no ties to the South and is not known as a dynamite recruiter. He brings an unknown staff that hasn’t recruited the South and has no ties. And he’s walking into a hornets nest in Knoxville with the administration and the divided fan base.

    • As far as the recruiting goes, I’m not sure if that’s true. 25 players on his Cincinnati team were from Florida and Georgia. To me that shows he at least has some recruiting ability if he can pull those players all to OHIO. Give him the largest recruiting budget in the country and he’ll probably see some success.

  • Maybe TN is hoping they can take a chance and score big like Ole Miss has with Hugh Freeze. No one gave him or this current team a shot and they are headed to a bowl. As for Butch, it’s a pay day. He’s walking into a no win situation and will walk out with a huge buy out when they fire him in 3 years.

  • Tennessee hires Butch Jones as their head coach. They fired Derek Dooley and sought after the University of Cincinnati Butch Jones and University of Louisville’s Charlie Strong. Charlie Strong turned down the Volunteers which led to the hiring of Butch Jones. It’s odd how now every time I see that a coach in sports gets fired I relate it to my major Public Relations. It is so true how the two relate. One reason is that the firing of a coach is considered a player-personnel crisis. Then I look for any statements that the university may have released speaking about the firing and how they plan to solve the issue. If I find anything then I look as to how they are solving it. There are many ways to deal and solve a crisis. Denial is one way, which could be by attacking the accuser or straightforward denial of the fact that the crisis exist. Another way to resolve a crisis is diminishing it, which is when the organization justifies its action. There are two more options of rebuilding strategy and the bolstering strategy. I am not going into any more detail but it’s its strange how much attention I pay to this issue. I wonder if Butch Jones is going to help. I imagine he will since he has had success ant UC. We will just have to find out.

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