College football’s 5 most interesting games: Week 12


The week before rivalry week is always a slow one. This is especially true this season in the SEC. There are some important matchups around the country, however, that will have BCS implications and can impact the SEC bowl situation.

No. 18 USC at No. 17 UCLA

This is an important game for the Pac-12 race. Lane Kiffin and the Trojans need to beat UCLA in order to get into the Pac-12 Championship Game and get another crack at Oregon. However, if you subscribe to the theory that Alabama or Georgia could jump Notre Dame without the Irish losing (I don’t), then you may want USC to lose so that Notre Dame’s strength of schedule is diminished by USC adding another loss.

No. 13 Stanford at No. 2 Oregon 

This is a very big game for Oregon. If they lose, they’re likely out of the BCS Championship. Stanford isn’t the same team as they were last year, but they still represent a credible threat to the Ducks’ undefeated season. The SEC needs help to get in, and Stanford could score an assist.

Ole Miss at No. 7 LSU

This SEC West matchup is interesting because we want to see if LSU can continue playing at the same level with which they’ve played their last two games. LSU is likely attempting to earn points to get the 2nd SEC bid for the BCS, and an impressive win against Ole Miss will help.

No. 1 Kansas State at Baylor

It’s looking more and more like Kansas State is going to achieve that undefeated season, but a road game against Baylor could be a sleeper. If they lose, they’re out of the BCS Championship. Can this team keep winning every single game? We know how difficult that is.

Wake Forest at No. 3 Notre Dame

Notre Dame struggles against bad teams at home. Wake Forest is a bad team, but the nation will be watching to see if the Irish can stay perfect.



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  • Not as exciting as the previous weeks, but nontheless, time to see if non-SEC teams are “as good as” their fans make them to be. Let’s go Cardinals!!!

  • I tend to believe UCLA may have a better shot at beating Oregon than USC. And Pollack had a good point when he said “if last year’s Stanford team w/ Andrew Luck & co. couldnt compete then how is this year different?” I’m leaning towards that Civil War in Corvallis being the real test for the Ducks. But nonetheless: GO BEARS! GO CARDINAL! and GO you DEMON DEACONS, GO!

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