Final Regular Season BCS Rankings: SEC finishes with 6 teams in top 10


The stage is now set for #1 Notre Dame and #2 Alabama, as the two best teams in the country will go to war in Miami on January 7th

Final Regular Season BCS Rankings

1) Notre Dame
2) Alabama
3) Florida
4) Oregon
5) Kansas State
6) Stanford
7) Georgia
8) LSU
9) Texas A&M
10) South Carolina
11) Oklahoma
12) Florida State
13) Oregon State
14) Clemson
15) Northern Illinois
16) Nebraska
17) UCLA
18) Michigan
19) Boise State
20) Northwestern
21) Louisville
22) Utah State
23) Texas
24) San Jose State
25) Kent State

The BCS was put into place to get the #1 and #2-ranked teams together for a national championship.  But that’s about all it’s good for, it seems.



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  • The BCS is bullshit. It should be replaced. How does NIU get to play for the BCS…but UGA, LSU, SCAR, Texas AM don’t…? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • as long as there are limitations on conference participation, it will never be fair to the best teams. same deal happened last year when Arkansas, K State, Boise State, and South Carolina got passed over (ranks 6-9 in BCS rankings) for #11 Va Tech and #13 Michigan, and #15 Clemson and #21 WVU. screw conference champs automatic bids. whats “fair” to the rest of the country is giving the best teams a big fat shaft.

  • There is a huge gap in terms of talent for these bowls. Florida vs Louisville. Really? I would rather BCS make some changes and have decent matchups. BCSNCG: Alabama vs Florida
    Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs LSU, and so on. That would make it more entertaining and more profitable.

  • 7-10 are better than 1,4-6. They should just do Notre Dame v. Alabama, Florida v. Oregon, K. State v. Georgia, Stanford v. LSU, Texas A&M v. Oklahoma.

  • the SEC needs to go ahead and get 2 more teams, then secede from the BCS and have our own playoffs.

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