For the next two weeks, expect the unexpected


In my last column about the BCS, we talked about how incredible the 2012 season has been. What I find fascinating is that as we approach the last week of the regular season, there are still a number of wild scenarios that can play out. If you look at the season as a whole, it seems prudent to assume that more upsets or more surprises occur.

It really starts with Notre Dame at Southern Cal this weekend. Most assume that the underachieving Trojans without their stud quarterback Matt Barkley will get manhandled by the Irish. I’m not so sure. USC coach Lane Kiffin is actually under pressure for maybe the first time in his career. His preseason #1 team has 4 losses now. His team will be ready to play at home and upset the Irish’s title dreams.

Expect the unexpected.

Arguably the biggest game on the slate this Saturday is Florida taking on the in-state rival from Tallahassee. Despite both having a 10-1 record, Florida has a No. 4 ranking, and the Seminoles come in at No. 10. When it comes to the BCS, it’s all about who you’ve beat and who you’ve lost to. Florida has beat 3 top 15 teams and lost to the No. 3 team. Florida State has beat Clemson and lost to an unranked team. Thus, their respective rankings.

The game is in Tallahassee, and Florida has looked mediocre at best on offense in recent weeks. Frankly, they haven’t looked good since beating South Carolina. A turnover filled game in Jacksonville against Georgia was followed up with average performances against Missouri, Louisiana-Lafayette and Jacksonville State. Hardly an impressive few weeks for the Gators.

But, if you don’t think the Gators will come to play against Florida State, you’re mistaken. Remember how Georgia came out against Florida after a few weeks of mediocrity? A rival game is the best way to snap out of a streak of unimpressive outings. Expect the Gators to bring it, and their defense might be one of the best in the country. This game will be close, and Florida might pull off the win giving them another high quality win and a spot in the BCS.

Next, we look at the SEC Championship. Alabama will be favored and will be the easy pick by the media pundits. I would not be surprised at all to see Georgia win this game. Alabama’s defense is overrated. That doesn’t mean they’re not good, but they’re not near the same defense as the 2011 Crimson Tide. If Mark Richt can get his team ready to play, Georgia will move the ball. They have the weapons and the talent on both sides of the ball to win this game. It might be Georgia’s year, folks.

Quite amazing that a Florida-Georgia rematch is even a discussed possibility. Can you say World’s Largest Cocktail Party in Miami? Whoa.

Expect the unexpected. We don’t know what will happen, and that’s the beauty of it. Enjoy the next two weeks of football.

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  • Thank you! Finally the Dawgs are given some respect! And from a UF alum too! I beloved the Dawgs have a great shot of winning out! Anything can happen on. any Saturday!

  • You have earned my respect, bro. Lets go Gators n Dawgs for rival week.

  • You know I appreciate the kind words about UGA and your beliefs that they will win. However it doesnt lend much credibility when you shamelessly predict a scenario that would allow the Florida Gators in the title game. Seriously, you think Florida will beat Florida State? I am a big fan of dreams, but that is taking it too far. Secondly, a reeling USC beating Notre Dame without Matt Barkley I think not. While I appreciate your thoughts on the SEC title game, I dont see how you can think the others will win, unless you have obvious Florida bias. I have not seen anyone, who is not a Florida fan, suggesting what you propose.

    • You’re right. Upsets never happen.

      • I bet MattDawg predicted Texas A&M to beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

        • I thought it could happen, but seriously USC upsetting Notre Dame without Matt Barkley and Florida over Florida State? The same Florida team that almost lost to Louisiana Lafeyette and struggled against Missouri. I am sorry I just can’t see that upset happening. I am also just pointing out that those two scenarios would put Florida in the national title. Is it coincidence that you pick those two upsets and you are a Florida fan.

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