Former LSU Homecoming Queen trying out for football team again

Former LSU Homecoming Queen trying out for football team again

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Back in March, former LSU Homecoming Queen and soccer star Mo Isom tried out for the LSU football team because she had one year of eligibility of college athletics left.

She tried out for kicker, but she did not make the cut. But that was the first time.

The star athlete is back at it again on the Bayou and is now 32 days away from her final tryout.

When the news came that she did not make the team last spring, she said that she would in fact try out again in the fall.

Her tweet from yesterday:

If the girl can kick, let her lace ‘em up just the like rest of ‘em. This is the South; we don’t hold judgment on others.

I dig the desire and the enthusiasm Isom has to pursue one of her dreams. Could you imagine Brad Wing and Mo Isom on the same special teams unit?

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  1. I think that if she were good enough, she’d make the team. Though, unlike Alabama, LSU recruits top notch talent when it comes to kickers and punters. Our current kicker is a preseason 2nd All-SEC in Athlon and voted on by the media (today – 7/20).

  2. As I said before, if she can play and not get hurt then why not? There is no rule saying she can’t play nor should there be, we just want all student athletes to be safe on the field and play…the SEC runs hard and hits fast, careful careful!

  3. This is a bad idea. Can you imagine a fumbled snap in which she scoops up the ball and runs into SEC linebackers?