Freshmen running backs on display with TJ Yeldon and Jeremy Hill


In a game where running room and running back play was at a premium, Bama’s TJ Yeldon and LSU’s Jeremy Hill answered the call.  Both Yeldon and Hill were crucial for their teams’ success on the ground and through the air.

Yeldon was named player of the game for his effort by CBS. He rushed 11 times for 76 yards and no touchdowns, but he caught the game-winning 28-yard TD screen pass that ultimately proved to be the play of the game on the last drive. He’s the perfect combo of speed and size, and he’s got another gear in the open field with wiggles. We aren’t used to seeing freshmen this big who are so elusive and SEC-ready. No doubt Yeldon may be the best freshmen in the SEC and maybe the country. He and Todd Gurley from Georgia are the best of the best.

Yeldon had a big second quarter as he led the drive and the ground attack from Alabama.  It wound up giving Alabama their first score of the game.  But just a quarter later, he fumbled at his own 10-yard line, and LSU scored off of the fumble recovery.

However, he overcame all of it with his 28-yard touchdown catch with under a minute to play in the game.

But Hill was just as brilliant as Yeldon on the night running the football. Hill led the Tigers with 29 carries for 107 yards and one touchdown, and that gives him three one-hundred-yard games in a row. Hill is a beast with great top-end speed for a back of his size at 6-2, 225 pounds.  Spencer Ware was named the starter, but it was Hill who toted the rock for the Bayou Bengals to start this one.

Hill’s third-quarter touchdown was the first touchdown score by LSU against Alabama.

Both Yeldon and Hill are SEC ready as 18-year-old young men to play in this grown man league, and they are both crucial to the success of their teams this season.

Yeldon, Gurley and Hill will go head-to-head over the next few years to see who is truly the best back out of the three. And man, it will be fun to watch.



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  • Yeldon, Gurley and Hill… unreal talent in the SEC at RB for next couple years.

  • This has been a big year for freshmen indeed,lots of programs claim the rebuilding phase to boot. Yeldon and Manziel are favorite freshmen thus far. Plus for LSU to be down THAT many people from Injuries, discipline problems, personal issues, etc they still played with miles of heart and hunger

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