Auburn making plans to fire Gene Chizik, report says

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A report from (pay link) said that Auburn president Jay Gogue has informed members of the board of trustees they are ‘preparing to possibly’ dismiss head coach Gene Chizik after the season.

The report also stated that Athletic Director Jay Jacobs would be retained.

Gogue has contacted board members about forming a committee of ‘possibly’ removing Chizik and naming a new head coach ‘within days the season is over should Chizik not be retained’.

Gogue issued a statement on October 25th asking fans to support the program despite the horrible season.

Gogue issued another statement Thursday saying he’s been contacted by many fans in the past few weeks. The Tigers are 1-6 under Coach Gene Chizik for the team’s worst start in 60 years.

Gogue says he shares many of the fans’ concerns about football. He says the program will be evaluated as it is each year in an “objective, thorough and professional process.”

Chizik’s contract runs through the 2015 season, but if he’s dismissed early, AU would owe him $7.5 million buyout that would be payable over the remainder of his career.

Look, I think it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion now barring a victory over Georgia or Alabama that Chizik will be gone at the end of the season.

Auburn’s 247Sports’ site also says that Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson has been named as a potential candidate.

Who would I hire? I would target the head coach at Louisville, Charlie Strong, and then let him bring Watson along with him. All kidding aside, Strong has an SEC pedigree with head coaching experience, and he’s a dynamite recruiter who could haul talent into Auburn every year, not that that has been a problem during Chizik’s tenure. However, he has shown he can develop players once on campus, something Chizik’s tenure hasn’t proven.

Who do you think Auburn will hire?

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  • No doubt Chizik is gone. He’ll win three games this season…maybe. There’s bunch of smoke surrounding Bobby Petrino going to Auburn too. I think he would be very good for that program but they may have to fight Kentucky for him.

  • I’m not an Auburn fan, and I know it’s been a horrible season (I know I’m a Tenn fan), but I thought winning that national championship two years ago would buy him some more time. Because of that title, I think he should get one more year to turn it around. They are really panicking here. If they suck next year too, then a firing would be justified.

  • Charlie Strong, Kirby Smart, or Todd Grantham are the likely candidates.

  • I would love to have Charlie Strong as our next coach

  • Jay Jacobs will be retained ??? RiDICulous. How many coaches will refuse to even interview because of that Worm Tongued Fool. It cost us an interview with Muschamp. Unbelievable.

  • Firing Chizik is useless if you keep Jacobs. Look at the shambles that nearly every AU sport is right now. Who hired the coaches? Who runs the department? Jacobs.

  • People have been talking about Chizik’s firing for weeks and I have remained adamant that Auburn would hang on to him for another season because they can’t afford to fire him yet. Clearly AU is absolutely abysmal and I’ve changed my mind. Chizik has been able to bring in really talented guys but can’t seem to put their talents to use. AU caught lightning in a bottle a couple years with Cam and Fairly and won the championship but they’ll never be able to do that again. Chizik hardly coached those guys, they were just star athletes. Also, as a huge Alabama fan and alumni who happens to be from Louisville, I would HATE to see Charlie Strong at Auburn. UL will do whatever they have to to keep him and I think he knows it would take several years to be even be a sub-par team in the SEC at Auburn.

  • Please not Petrino…I really really hope Auburn has more class than to hire somebody with his reputation…

  • Since Auburn didn’t have the intelligence to keep Gus Malzon(spl) around instead of Chizik. I really think that Auburn’s board of trustees should go ahead and shoot for the moon.
    They should run out right now and make a great big dollar amount play for Sean Payton. He doesn’t seem to be very busy these days.
    I’ve heard people say that a coach of Payton’s status would never leave the NFL for a college team anywhere. Especially after the success that he has had in New Orleans.
    Well, all they have to do is to look at Auburn’s arch rivals University of Alabama and coach Nick Saben. Bama made it look easy to go after and get a major league Pro coach to leave the NFL and return to the college ranks. Even thought it appeared that Saben wasn’t happy in the NFL at the time.
    This option would be a whole lot better than going through four or five new coaching staffs over the next seven or eight years, and the overall loss of revenue the University experiences during these down and rebuilding periods.
    Just go on and make the offer(s) to and hire Payton with that big fat six digit check. Then get him on up to Auburn so he can start building his staff and then to hit the recruiting trail hot and heavy before all the really good prospects as sucked up by all the other class act programs in the SEC.
    Hell, I’ll even chip in $20 towards the initial offer that Auburn makes to Payton.

  • PLEASE dont waste the time, resources or energy on a no name coach or an up and coming coach! PAY FOR A DAMN COACH! GO GET AN ELITE COACH. My pick, JOHN GRUDEN!!!!

    • Do you have a realistic pick? Gruden won’t leave a cushy job with 100% job security for a job that pays the exact same, adds stress, and has very limited job security.

  • Obama is a failure and he gets 4 more years. Why shouldn’t chiz get another year to pull it together. Roll Tide!

  • I have a feeling Auburn will bring in Petrino. I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling I have. He wants to come back to the SEC and if he had to choose between Kentucky, Tenn, and Auburn I’m sure he’d choose Auburn ANY day.

    • I haven’t heard his name mentioned or even know if he would be interested but I think Falcons D coordinator Mike Nolan would make a good HC in the sec. He has HC experience and defense should be a priority for any of the teams that may be looking. Wonder if he’s even being considered?

  • Petrino would be a terrible hire. Look how he did the Falcons, he walked out on them and only left a note. Then his actions at Ark shows he don’t care. He can coach but he has personal issues. Jacobs part of the problem at Auburn. If Auburn does fire Gene, they need to find the right person to help the players we got. Also, they need to hire a great offensive coach. Hiring Scott been part of Gene losing his job.

    As far as coaches to get they need to spend the money and get a coach that can lead this team. Auburn has a lot of talent but lacks leadership. Everyone keeps saying there not many coaches out there but why would a coach not want to come to Auburn and the SEC. The SEC keeps winning NC and coming to Auburn gives a coach from another conference that chance. Boise St, TCU, and others would be crazy not to come.

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