Georgia is the next SEC Goliath


A lot of people saw it coming. I just happened to write it in ink and blow a trumpet.

I had Georgia as Next.

It’s the last chapter in the book: How The SEC Became Goliath. I didn’t look so smart Oct. 6 when the Bulldogs got smushed in Columbia, 35-7. That was ugly. Jadeveon Clowney set a tone against the Georgia offensive line. The Georgia defensive players kept taking chances on playing the ball and got burned.

I didn’t look so good when the Bulldogs played so desperately against Kentucky.

But here they are. Beat Alabama and they get Notre Dame in the national championship game. The SEC in the national championship game is a good bet these last six tries. 6-0.

So how did I fall into this? Looking like a prophet (almost), that is. It’s simple. There were 10 guys back on defense and defense wins championships. Georgia wasn’t going to win this thing with Aaron Murray and the offense. He can get rushed into mistakes and the offensive line needed some rebuilding.

But the defense was full of size, playmakers, and seniors. I have said it often. Big people beat up little people. Georgia has some badass big people. It also has Todd Grantham as defensive coordinator and he coaches like Nick Saban and he knows the 3-4.

Georgia is 11-1 and now that Murray is taking better care of the ball, the Bulldogs have something for Alabama. Are they good enough to win? No question. Alabama does not have an elite speed rusher like Jarvis Jones. Alabama’s safeties, if made to play pass coverage man-to-man, can get beat.

Two NFL guys told me last week that man-for-man, they would pick Georgia’s 11 on defense over Alabama’s 11 on defense. That’s stout. Bama’s Dee Milliner has not looked like the first round draft pick at corner everyone thought he would be. Jesse Williams, the nose guard, can take himself out of plays. The best player on defense, CJ Mosley, is not even part of the base defense. John Fulton, the corner who played solid pass defense against Texas A&M, is battling turf toe. He showed up in the participation chart against Auburn, but I don’t know his status. The guy behind him is a freshman in the dime six backs defense.

Georgia can win this game. The big issue is the offensive line. It doesn’t compare to Alabama’s O-line, but it doesn’t have to for UGa to win this game. All it has to do is make sure guards Dallas Lee and Chris Burnette do not allow the pocket to collapse in the lap of Murray. He’s short anyway. He can’t see to throw between the hash marks. If the pocket is back up on him, Murray is in trouble. He will have to slide right and you can bet Alabama will have a delayed rusher flying at him.

I have my doubts whether the freshmen Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall can run against Bama. When Georgia tried to burn clock against Tennessee and run the ball in the second half it couldn’t do it. We all know how bad UT was on defense this season.

I don’t like to pick teams that can’t run the ball. It should be a worry for Georgia fans, but they can still win the game

*One thing about this emerging debate about Alabama or Georgia trampling Notre Dame in the national championship game.

The Irish see rock em sock em SEC football every day in practice. They can deal with Bama’s one-back, downhill cuts behind an H-back. The Irish get it. They are tough enough. The same with Georgia’s I-formation plays.

Notre Dame is not some spread team that can’t cope. They will manage, believe me.



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  • “Two NFL guys told me last week that man-for-man, they would pick Georgia’s 11 on defense over Alabama’s 11 on defense.”
    Looks like they agree with Bacarri Rambo:

  • This was a work of beauty. Thank you.

  • Well…I Didn’t realize we couldn’t run the ball…last I checked we had 3 backs combining for 2000 yards.

  • Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.

  • Not that Georgia will blow up Alabama running the ball, but is the Tennessee game really an indicator that they won’t? Georgia rushed for 5 TDs and nearly 300 yards in that game, and they’ve played seven games since then.

    • Did he really just say Georgia cant run the ball? Strange. Last time i checked, Gurley leads SEC running backs in yards… Did i miss something?

  • If Georgia’s cake walk of a schedule was going to repeat itself next year (as it has the past 3 years) then I would agree with this article, however the backdoor deal they have had with whoever sets the SEC East schedule has finally run out and they will finally have a legitimate schedule next year. Don’t expect the bulldogs to repeat as SEC East champs… or for that matter become the next “Goliath” of the SEC. Expect Florida to continue its rise back into greatness and for Arkansas to rebound hard over the next 3 years. Also if USC keeps stealing GA recruits like we have been expect UGA to start to fall from grace if anything.

    • What about USCe’s schedule? Sure, they played more ranked league teams: LSU, UF, UGA, but they only beat one of them; that’s as many ranked league teams as UGA beat, in case you couldn’t figure that out.
      Ask Florida about what one game can do. Ask Georgia. Ask Oregon…Kansas State. How about last year’s Oklahoma State or Stanford?
      Truth be told, college football is great because the regular season actually matters. Where was USCe against UF and LSU? Exactly, and in back to back weeks no less! UGA showed up when their backs were against the wall and they took care of the UF team that made USCe look like the JV squad.

      • Carolina also had another ranked win at Clemson. If anything it was the fact thet they played LSU and FL in back to back weeks that hurt them. They also were forced to play both games on the road in two of the most intimidating enviorments in all of sports. Also Carolina waxed the Dawgs, made them look like a JV team. Luckily for the Dawgs in their biggest game of the year both teams happend to play like they were JV. So how about Carolina’s schedule? Playing three straight top 10 SEC oppenents, two of them on the road. Sounds alot harder than playing one tough away game, having a few weeks to make adjustments befor playing at a neutral site, and then coasting aginst SEC cupcakes before facing GT.

  • For UGA to be the next “Goliath,” they will need some guys to step up…big time. The whole secondary is graduating (Rambo, Commings, Smith, Williams), and Robinson, Ogeltree, and Jones are going to leave a hole in the LB position. Jenkins and Jones are also going to be sorely missed on the line.
    I think Jenkins, Vassar, and Herrera can handle that second level next year…also Ray Drew or Sterling Bailey could be effective at that DE/OLB position that JJ is leaving open. I expect to see Mitchell back on the defensive side of the ball a lot next year, probably playing exclusively DEF and returning kicks, with Swann being the only returning member of the secondary with legitimate playing time under his belt. Then Geathers being the only man from Granthams 3 down line coming back is going to leave a couple of spots for a young guy to prove himself.
    Luckily for the Bulldogs, nearly the entire offensive side of the ball is eligible to return, with the exception of Richard Samuel, Marlon Brown, and Tavarres King. That is not to say that everyone WILL return, but with Bennett (pray he gets healthy this off season), Wooten, and Conley lining up outside, and at least two more years of “Gurshall,” all the Dogs need to hope for is that Murray will choose to stay for his final year and finish his graduate program.

    • And Malcolm. Don’t forget that offensive line will be far improved.

      • Malcolm Mitchell will be back but, like I said, I have a feeling he will spend a TON of time on the defensive side of the ball unless some of the young secondary players have really developed this season. The entire OL is back, and has potential to be one of the best lines in the nation.

        • I think Marc Deas (safety), Quintavius Harrow (safety), Damien Swann and Blake Sailors will be fine in the secondary.
          Beyond that Shaq Wiggins looks amazing as a recruit for DB, and Tray Matthews as a safety. Both look like they could start day one.

  • The “next SEC goliath” has ONE victory over a ranked team this year….and smashed by another ranked team…Excuse but when was the last time bama or lsu got absolutely smashed by another team? Stop giving them too much credit, they’re good, but they’re not THAT good.

    • LSU in 2011 by Alabama in the National Championship game. Alabama in the first quarter against Texas AM this season.

    • Stop whining and get off the Georgia page. Congrats, you waxed us, but we can always count on the cocks to choke and we end up back in the SEC Title game? Do you feel good about THAT?

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