Georgia’s record against ranked teams tells quite the story


Fresh off a 35-7 loss to then-ranked #6 South Carolina Gamecocks last Saturday, Georgia and Mark Richt had an opportunity to make all the doubters and naysayers through the years go away with seemingly one game. However, after the thumping defeat, Mark Richt has vowed that his team won’t fall apart and that there is still a long way to go to the SEC Championship. And I agree with him because of the favorable schedule that remains for the Bulldogs.

However, if you look at Georgia’s record against ranked opponents since 2008, it paints not so bright a picture for Richt and the Bulldogs.

2008 (3-3)
#8 Alabama 41, #3 Georgia 30
#10 Georgia 24, #22 Vanderbilt 14
#9 Georgia 52, #11 LSU 38
#8 Florida 49, #6 Georgia 10
#22 Ga. Tech 45, #11 Georgia 42
#15 Georgia 24, #18 Michigan State 12

2009 (1-3)
#9 Oklahoma State 24, #13 Georgia 10
#4 LSU 20, #18 Georgia 13
#1 Florida 41, Georgia 17
Georgia 30, #7 Ga. Tech 24

2010 (0-4)
#24 South Carolina 17, #22 Georgia 6
#12 Arkansas 31, Georgia 24
#2 Auburn 49, Georgia 31
#25 UCF 10, Georgia 6

2011 (2-4)
#5 Boise State 35, #19 Georgia 21
#12 South Carolina 45, Georgia 42
#14 Georgia 45, #20 Auburn 7
#13 Georgia 31, #23 Ga. Tech 17
#1 LSU 42, #12 Georgia 10
#12 Michigan State 33, #16 Georgia 30 (OT)

2012 (0-1)
#6 South Carolina 35, #5 Georgia 7

Totals (vs. ranked teams at time of game)
Overall: 6-15
OOC: 3-5
vs. SEC: 3-10
Regular season: 5-12
Postseason: 1-2
Past 10: 2-8

Richt is 1-9 against top ten ranked teams since 2008, with the lone win coming in ‘09 against #7 Georgia Tech. The knock against Georgia has always been there because the Dawgs are a recruiting powerhouse, but the five-star talent sometimes disappears once it gets on campus. And while there is a ton of talent this year that has played exceptionally well, they were just beaten by a much more physical and strong willed team in South Carolina.

Georgia last beat an SEC team ranked in the top 10 in 2007 against Florida, known as the Gator Stomp game.

However, this year was supposed to be different with a seasoned veteran quarterback, nine starters returning on a top-five ranked defense a year ago and one of the softest schedules ever. From 2002 to January 1, 2008, Georgia spanked ranked opponents with a record of 22-10. The Dawgs are 6-14 since.

But this year isn’t over because of #4 Florida left on the schedule. Florida will likely still be ranked in the top 10 even if they lose to South Carolina. So, Georgia should face another top ten team in three weeks in Jacksonville, something that has terrorized them for the last several years. However, if Georgia can beat the Gators and get help from other teams beating South Carolina, they can still find their way to Atlanta once again.

Would anything less than an SEC East title reignite major questions about Richt’s inability to win big games?



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  • I think the proper question at the end would be would anything less than an SEC Championship reignite major questions about Richt’s inability to win big games?

    You’re right in saying that the season still has to be played out and there is a chance but at this point you have coaches like Saban, Miles, Chizik (w/ Cam Newton), and Meyer who went to the SECCG undefeated. They didnt have to hope that fate gave them the chance to play in the mini National Championship game. Thats why to me he isnt an elite coach. He is a good coach and one of the best Georgia has ever had, but he isnt an elite coach.

  • So, if Georgia goes 10-2, Richt will be under fire at Georgia because he lost to South Carolina and Florida? I hope they give him a contract extension.

  • Georgia is going to lose to Florida. Trust me.

    • At this point, it does seem like that. I will love my Dawgs to the end but the stats are there for a reason. Then again, it’s Georgia-Florida so anything can happen. It’s just hard to tell. Alot of people thought our game against SCAR would be closer, and look what happened. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  • The past few days have been rough on our team. At this point, we just have to not give up and show support to our team and CMR. Calling him to be fired is just plainly un-necessary and it’s not going to happen. Make the best of a worst situation.

  • So…. what happened in 2008 that would have changed the way Georgia football performed…. Mike Bobo was given full reigns as the offensive coordinator.. every Georgia offense since then has been stagnant.. Remember when David Green used ignite games? There’s no electricity on offense, and the play calling is laughable.. Best recent example when it really mattered: Michigan State 4th quarter…

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