Hog Lady is back and perhaps drunk after the Alabama loss

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In case you missed it, here was her video after Arkansas lost to ULM.

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  1. Jon
    Commented : 2 years ago

    This is hilarious. If you’re Arkansas, is this the best thing about Mondays?

  2. Oh……….My…………God……………

  3. There are no words….

  4. Good for her, drunk or sober. She is a true fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Not like so many that are ready to sell the coaches, players, and team down the river. Someone should play this for their team and let them know there are true fans out there. If nothing else, it should bring a smile across their faces. It does mine and I am not a Razorback fan. Keep it up, Hog Lady and thanks for making me laugh early on a Monday.

  5. Awesome! The best thing about the football season so far!

  6. You don’t think she was drunk the last time?

  7. All I can say is I am glad she is a hog fan…

    • ISN’T THAT THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very grateful that she is NOT a BAMA FAN! That would be just WAY too horrible!!!!!!! YIKES!

  8. Give her an “A” for…uh….alrighty then.

  9. She needs to stop wearing that on her head because she don’t need it..LMAO!!!

  10. I like it. Apparently a good a$$ kickin’ is just what they needed to put her in a better mood.

  11. I hope she taped her nose like that!

  12. I’ll refrain from commenting until after the Razorbacks leave Columbia, S.C. with a loss in November.

  13. Arkansas. Apparently they weren’t already embarrassed enough?

  14. how does a stomping like that say “we are on the move up”??????? she is the eternal optimist i will give her that but um, yea glad she is a razorback and not a rebel, we couldnt survive this type of thing ontop of our current situation

  15. Hey Hog Lady, we just beat the Hell out of you. Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer, Give ‘em Hell, ALABAMA.. Sang that, Soo Wee, Poo Wee, Pig Licker, or Pig Liquior,

  16. I wonder what the crazy lady would have done if they actually won the game.

  17. So “NO” to drugs….