Honey Badger and three former LSU players arrested on drug charges


WAFB.com is reporting that four former LSU football players, including Tyrann Mathieu, were arrested today on drug-related charges. Jordan Jefferson, Karnell Hatcher and Derrick Bryant, along with Matheiu, were all charged with marijuana-related offenses.

Here’s the report from WAFB.com:

Mathieu and Jefferson were charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana, Hatcher was charged with 2nd Offense Simple Possession of Marijuana and Bryant was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Baton Rouge police later confirmed. All four men will be booked into to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

“Officers immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana and obtained consent from Mathieu to search the apartment”, a police news release said. “Inside they found three other men, including the one who had allegedly tried to force his way through the gate. He was identified as Jordan Jefferson,” police said. Police said the other two men were identified as Bryant and Hatcher.

Police said a search of the apartment found a marijuana grinder, digital scale and 10 bags of high grade marijuana. 7 of the bags were found inside Bryant’s book sack, police said. All four men were taken into custody and arrested, police said.

There were talks about Mathieu actually returning to the LSU football team next season, but if found guilty of these charges, I would say any remaining talks about Mathieu returning are over. After Matheiu was kicked off the LSU football team, he enlisted in Right Step Recovery Center in Houston. He later re-enrolled into classes at LSU, and Les Miles opened the door for a possible Honey Badger return to LSU a few weeks ago.



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  • “10 bags of high grade marijuana”

    Where did he get the money?

    • Let’s see. By bags, I guess they mean half an ounce. So 5 ounces of high grade weed. Well, that would probably go for…eh…500? At least?

      • With “high grade” pot going for $20-30 per gram, for 5 ounces you’re looking at $2,800-4200.

        • An ounce of good weed is close to 500 so yeah about 2k at least.

        • Haha now “honey Badger” discussions are all about weed instead if football…this is fitting since his football abilities are irrelevant at this point

        • It just says “bags” and that they were in his backpack. Considering it says it’s high grade, there’s ten bags of it, and it doesn’t say what size bags I’d probably guess eighths or quarters would be more likely. You make more money parting it out, and most college kids ain’t slingin 10 ounces at a time no matter how well connected they are.

      • Definitely not. You’re looking at $300 an ounce of “high grade”. I don’t see why it would have to a half ounce anyway. If there was intent to distribute it was probably anywhere from an ounce to a pound.

  • Jordan freakin Jefferson

  • Does this mean we don’t have to see anymore articles about him?

  • Could this possibly mean we can stop hearing about him during every LSU game! I mean really man come on!!

  • Jordan Jefferson! You can’t make this crap up! Unreal.

  • Is anyone REALLY surprised by this?? We all new these guys were bad apples. Chance after chance by Les Miles who refuses to see what is right in front of his face. LSU takes a “win at all costs” mentality with these athletes. You think your normal student gets this many chances? I guess that’s what a WEEK in rehab gets you these days.

    Please Gary Danielson STOP bringing his name up every game!!! He is a POT HEAD who flaunts the rules and does whatever he wants to b/c he knows he can get away with it.

    • As a college student I can assure you the average student gets many more chances than this. If an average guy failed a drug test the university would never know. I know several students who have several DUI’s that have not and cannot be kicked out of school for criminal offenses such as that. These students go to different universities, so it isn’t just one institution. If you step back and think about it, it really isn’t any of a government run school’s business to wonder what their student have been doing. Athletes who represent the school are a different matter altogether.

  • Who would have ever thought Boots Jefferson would show back up again? AND he tried to slide out the back door. CUFF ‘EM

  • Just because you can play football, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a douche-puppet.

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