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Inappropriate LSU Shirt Compares Child Molesting To Alabama

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LSU Shirt Comparing Child Molesting to Alabama

What’s the worst thing about this shirt?

A) Penn State situation not funny
B) Grammatical mistake of “THEN” instead of “THAN”
C) The LSU fan violating trademarks
D) Other: _________________

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Comments 7

  1. Wow and Auburn fans called Alabama white trash, low class, p.o.s’s because of a TREE!!! LSU has sank to a new low. This is not only tasteless, it’s tragic that they could be so insensitive to the poor kids who suffered at that monster’s hand. BOO LSU!

  2. The word is THAN! What an ignorant perspective for a shirt print! All of you LSU fans have another BAD DAY, coming to you, SOON! ROLL, TIDE….ROLL!

  3. Wow, that guy would rather take one in the butt, than be an Alabama fan. Perhaps, he would take one just for the fun of it?

  4. I’m no fan of Bama or LSU but I’d be a Bama fan before I took the ole soapy Sandusky.

  5. LSU is obviously just upset because Bama made them the first team to be shut out in a BCS national championship game.

  6. kwe
    Commented : 2 years ago

    Poor taste & no class to whoever thought up & designed this shirt – & anyone who buys/wears it.