Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell Says He Will ‘Run For Heisman’ In 2012

Isaiah Crowell

Photo from Icon SMI - Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell

Yesterday in the AJC, Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell made his intentions in 2012 very clear. And it wasn’t ‘play a full season’, or ‘stop being a baby’, or even ‘play a full game’. No – in fact, he said he’s running for a Heisman in 2012.

“My first goal is just to be a good teammate and help my team get to the national championship,” he said. “My second goal is I’m trying to run for the Heisman.”

Asked how realistic he thought his chances were for winning college football’s player of the year award, Crowell grinned and laughed. “Real realistic.”

As suspected, Mark Richt has named Crowell the No. 1 running back this spring, and he will run with the first team. And that means nothing, to be quite honest.

A couple comments about this quote from Crowell:

1. He is getting a little bit better of an overall feel for the game and his teammates. His teammates have said they are very impressed with the way he has handled himself and his work ethic this spring. I think he came into Georgia used to being ‘the man’ in high school. Every kid goes through it, but others handle it better.

2. This guy, to me, seems like a ‘me’ player instead of a team player. And while he may be getting better about being a piece of the puzzle rather than being the puzzle himself and teammates are saying better things about him, he’s not there yet. I get the feeling, along with many others, that Crowell is very soft and wants to watch out for his NFL career more than earning it right now. He wants all the accolades and praise, but he doesn’t necessarily want to earn it on the field. That’s just my take on him. I do not know him, and I hope he has a big year.

However, this is the same kid who was suspended twice for rules violations last year, and it’s the same player all the Georgia fans, including all other SEC fans, were telling to suck it up and play with the nicks and bruises.

Post SEC Championship game, SDS’ Georgia writer Chris explained his view on Crowell that still applies today:

Isaiah Crowell…..where do I start? I think the shine is finally off the former #1 RB. He was sounding booed by UGA fans when he pulled himself out several times during the game. He was seen limping off the field only to return seemingly fine. Every time the going got hard or UGA needed a key run, he wasn’t there. One part to the Pro-Style offense that UGA runs is RB’s providing QB protection. Several times in the game Crowell missed defenders running right by him. He is either too dumb to recognize blitzes or simply doesn’t care. This years #1 RB Keith Marshall will pick his college of choice on Dec 6th…..UGA needs him badly.

This Georgia team needs Crowell to step up in the worst way. He will have a very good quarterback, offense and strong talent all around him. Also, Georgia’s schedule is fairly easy as well; so, he will have his shot to make a run at the elusive Heisman Trophy.

Furthermore, Crowell will be sharing the carries with Richard Samuel, freshmen Keith Marshall, Todd Gurley and Ken Malcome in the fall. Will he even get enough carries to make a run at the Heisman? He will if he proves he’s ready to step up and be the consistent back this offense has been missing for several years now.

Do you think Crowell will make a ‘run for Heisman’ in 2012?



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  • for the umteenth thousandth time… he was not booed by Georgia fans in the Georgia Dome. He exited the field and Ken “BOO” Malcome came on. We have always “Boooed” when Boo Malcome took the field or did something good, as we have when several others who had that same sound in their names– Musa Smith always heard “Mooooosa”, Bruce Figgins hears “Bruuuuucce”. Stop being a sensational writer and make the transition to journalist… you’ll feel better about yourself when you do.

  • Good point about the names that sound like “boo”, because that happens often. However, I have personally witnessed UGA fans booing Crowell as he left the field, especially coming from the student section. Not the sec championship specifically, but at other games.

  • well hell I’ve seen every player and coach on the team get booed… and that’s not exclusive to UGA or Crowell. But this example of what happened at the SEC CG has been blown waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion.

  • I saw 6 UGA games live this year. Including the SEC championship. I certainly heard Crowell being BOOED at The Georgia Dome during that game. I’ve been a fan since 1979 and have been to hundreds of games. I would recognize fans booing a player when I hear it. Also he was booed in other games as well. Let’s get the FACTS out there.

    Crowell’s first season was Okay. He had some moments. He had some not so good moments. We certainly could have used him to step up a couple of games and he simply wasn’t there. I personally never boo a college athlete. I think it’s kind of ‘low class’ boo the pro’s all you want. They’re getting paid. Boo coaching staff calls they’re being paid millions. Booing a college player who’s more than likely playing for nothing more than a scholarship. And is playing at UGA etc because he really does want to represent that school. I would never boo a player.

    Crowell needs to know the football team needs him. To be there and to act like a ‘star’ on and off the field. I think he may do this. We’ll see.

  • Isaiah can run for whatever he wants. However, Marcus Lattimore should win the Heisman this year. Admittedly, UGA has a cupcake schedule and Crowell will probably have some nice stats. But Lattimore is going to be the real deal in the SEC this year.

    • Knile Daivs is a better RB than Lattimore. Davis is faster, stronger, has better instincts, and will have a better team around him.

      • Yeah right dude. Kniles is good but he’s not nearly as dominant as latti. Latti puts his numbers up when defenses are ready for it. He doesn’t have the comfort of Arkansas passing game. And to call his instincts better is ridiculous. Marcus’s vision on the field is completely incomparable to any other running back out there.

  • I know nothing about Crowell being booed by his own fans. If UGA fans are booing him, they should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t see their butts dressed out and on the field!
    As for Crowell “Running for the Heisman”….what Div I-A college football player ISN’T running for the Heisman?! That’s like saying “This year I this I’ll run for a championship”…..EVERYONE wants to win a championship! Big whoopty-do! Isaiah Crowell wants to win the Heisman! GET IN LINE!

  • again, he was not booed in mass by UGA fans. I like ADB went to every home game, 3 away games, the cocktail party and the SEC CG and HE was NOT booed the way its been described. Did some lame ass boo him? I’m sure they did… but what people heard on TV was the ENTIRE UGA fan base “booing” for Boo Malcome. Any fan UGA or otherwise who boos an athlete like IC deserves to be held up by the fans around him while the athlete he boos kicks him in the nuts… he should also have his team colors stripped off his back and sent home naked, with bruised nuts but I digress… UGA fans including myself were not terribly happy at the end of the season with IC for a myriad of reasons, but booing as it’s been reported did not happen.

  • I agree ! with halwelch.

    College football players shouldn’t be booed by their ‘so called’ fans. IC’ expectations were very high coming into the season. I think every UGA fan has been looking for the next Herschel for over 30 years now. Ain’t gon happen okay y’all. If Samual could have stayed healthy and so much pressure not put on IC maybe he would have done more. I have to admit he was a little disapointing at times. Like I said we needed someone to step up. Could have beat USC and maybe Michigan State with any kind of bruising running game at all. Oh well? We’ll be back out there cheering them on come fall in Athens. That’s what we do!!

    GO DAWGS!!

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