John L. Smith wants to return to Arkansas


Don’t laugh. Arkansas head coach John L. Smith has not yet given up hope on returning as the 2013 Arkansas head coach. As he noted recently, he’s always optimistic:

“I’m the most optimistic guy you could imagine,” Smith said. “So, I’m always optimistic. I’m optimistic on us going to Starkville and getting a win this weekend. The other stuff can take care of itself. I’m not overly worried about any of that.”

It might be that same optimism that led Smith to borrow roughly $40 million to be used in real estate speculation. Perhaps, it was that shared optimism that led a lender to hand over roughly $40 million to Mr. “Smile” himself.

It’s one thing for the on-field performance of a major program like Arkansas to take a hit despite an off-season full of hype and promise. It’s another thing for the program to become a major punch line due to the combination of ugly on-field losses and goofy press conferences with the head coach.

Frankly, the best thing that happened to John L. Smith is the disaster of a season going on at Auburn. The spotlight has diminished for the 4-6 Arkansas Razorbacks as a result of Auburn booking a 2-8 start.

The players definitely support Smith.

“This situation is tough, for anybody,” Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson said. “He’s done everything that’s been asked of him, so he’s done an incredible job. I think tremendously high of him, obviously, and the rest of our coaches on our staff. They’ve done their jobs.

“Now, at times, we’ve got to go out there and do a better job of doing what we do. And in that, you create some more wins.”

“I love coach Smith to death,” Zach Hocker said. “He’s doing his job. It’s just on our plate now for the players to do our job and hold our own and win games. I think as long as our team starts to show some leadership and step up and win games, I think we’ll be fine as far as the coaching situation.”

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