Is Johnny Manziel the Heisman frontrunner?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama

His stats have been world class all season. Now he has his signature win in front of the entire country. The stage is set for Johnny Manziel to win the Heisman Trophy in 2012.

The 2012 Heisman race has been characterized by a lack of a clear frontrunner. Johnny Manziel may have just taken that spot. With games left against Sam Houston State and Missouri left on the schedule, Manziel should pad his stats even more with the remainder of the season.

Through ten games, Manziel’s stats are:

  • 227 of 336 passing (67.6% completion percentage), 6 INT
  • 2,780 passing yards
  • 1,014 rushing yards
  • 18 passing TD, 15 passing TD

His performance against Alabama was top notch. 24 of 31 passing. Two touchdowns. No interceptions.

A Kansas State loss could potentially knock Collin Klein out of the race. Oregon’s Kenjon Barner is also in the discussion, but could be hurt as he’s one of several weapons on the Oregon offense.

At worst, Johnny Football should have a trip to New York locked up.

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  • After that game tonight, he gets my vote!

  • I prefer the moniker “Johnny Tecmo Bowl”… Sure, it’s an extra syllable, but it’s more accurate to what the kid does. He should definitely be in NYC in December, but doubt he can win with guys like Barner and Klein. He definitely is the cog that makes everything go for A&M.

    • Barner had 20 carries for 65 yards against a terrible 3 win Cal team.
      Klein went 12-21 for 145 yards and an int and 50 yards and 2 TDs on the ground against TCU who is very average. Klein was really average last week too.
      Manziel 24/31 253 yards 2TD, 18 carries for 92 yards against the #1 defense in the nation, against the #1 team in the nation.

  • Yea, give him the Heisman, but I still wanna know what happened to the flags when they tried to decapitate Eddie Lacy and nailed McCarron in the head on that final drive. My dad’s a Florida fan and even HE was cussing the refs up and down after that!

  • I think “Johnny Football’s” parent have already hired the ambulance chasing attorney with the obligatory ponytail/mullet to push that copyright name “JONNY FOOTBALL” thru ASAP! MONEY GRUBING PARENTS! This is according to the commentators statements about the copyrights ,I embellished the rest. I stil believe these conference switching is a wretched practice!! Mizzu and A&M are Midwest & midsouth teams. Had the U of S.C. LOST ,I can see falling to #9 in the BCS. But they won and did so convincingly. While A&M hangs on for dear life . If there is a way to search my old post you will see my utter disdain for expansion,it waters down the SEC’s talent pool!!!!!

    • His parents and the university are working to trademark it after a group unrelated with either filed to trademark it. It’s questionable if it can even be trademarked, but even if his parents and/or the university are successful they can’t make any money off of it due to the eligibility infractions that would result. It’s a protection move, not a money-making one.

  • Certainly as the most valuable player for his team he deserves it. He single handedly beat Alabama Saturday. Without him playing Alabama would still be undefeated and #1. What can I say, he’s an incredible college athlete.

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