Kansas State and Oregon both lose

NCAA Football: Stanford at Oregon

What an amazing turn of events. Oregon lost in overtime to Stanford, and Kansas State got manhandled by Baylor.

The stage is set for the SEC Champion to play Notre Dame for the BCS Championship.

What needs to happen next week:

  • Georgia needs to beat Georgia Tech
  • Alabama needs to beat Auburn
  • Notre Dame needs to beat USC

If that happens, the winner of Georgia and Alabama will play the Irish.

Other ramifications:

  • Texas A&M’s chances to get into the BCS just dropped a bit.
  • If Notre Dame loses to USC next week, chaos breaks out including rumblings of an All SEC BCS title game which could even include… Florida if the Gators knock off the Seminoles. If the Gators knock off the likely ACC Champion, as a 1-loss team, they will absolutely be the next highest ranked team even though they’ve looked like crap in recent weeks.
  • Johnny Manziel just got closer to winning the Heisman.

The quest for 7 in a row is back on…



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  • If ND loses next week, all hell will break out, outside the SEC… As SEC fans, we just get to sit back and enjoy the show, bcuz regardless, another trophy comes home.

  • Doesn’t matter much as Florida will lose to Florida State.

    • True. Ever since we beat them, they have sucked. Example A: Missouri Example B: Lafayette. Hope we can find a way to beat Bama. They make me extremely nervous

      • While I think they are a good team…I like out odds. Georgia has done one thing very well on defense. Create fumbles. What is the biggest flaw in Alabama’s offense? Losing fumbles. It is a match made in heaven. AJ McCarron is extremely overrated in “big games”. Look over the past two season LSU (part 1-2010), LSU (2011), and Texas A&M show how he is just as jumpy as Aaron Murray. His best ranked win is in the National Championship (a game he shouldn’t have even played in). Then you have Michigan and Mississippi State. Both have been vastly overrated and exposed. So yeah, he struggles. I think we win. 27-13 (saying ‘Bama even gets there).

        • for the record………. AJ has 1 road loss in two years……. and 2 losses total as a starter at Bama. Since I KNOW how much you love stats……..lol

        • Yeah he is struggling like crazy. He has a total of TWO interceptions. It’s crazy. Like, how is he still even starting? He has a measly 21 Touchdown’s this season but obviously that horrifically low number is because Alabama is a rushing team. He has such a low completion percentage too, 66.8% which is mediocre at best when compared to Aaron Murray’s 65.7%. And you’re right, his best ranked win was in the National Championship, which of course anyone could win so that win is like…not even relevant. And you’re right, IF Bama even gets to the SEC Championship. They have to beat Auburn which has been on fire all year.

        • Lmao at bravesheeps sarcasm…and let’s not overlook our own in state rivalry game. The last team we need to overlook is the one that hates us the most.

    • Probably right, but FSU isn’t the most reliable team. If Florida wins, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Throw in a Notre Dame loss and it’s chaos. Deserved chaos for all the media who cry annually about the system.

  • UGA vs Florida for BCSNCG

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