Latest AP Poll has Alabama, Georgia in top 5

Latest AP Poll has Alabama, Georgia in top 5

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After a big week 10 of football, we have some shake up in the AP’s top 25. Here’s the latest poll.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Kansas State
4. Notre Dame
5. Georgia
5. Ohio State
7. Florida
8. Florida State
9. LSU
10. Clemson
11. Louisville
12. South Carolina
13. Oregon St
14. Oklahoma
15. Texas A&M
16. Stanford
17. UCLA
18. Nebraska
19. La Tech
19. Texas
21. Southern Cal
22. Miss State
23. Toledo
24. Rutgers
25. Texas Tech

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Comments 4

  1. I just can’t see ND ranked that high. Same old Golden Domer media bias….it worse than Obama and that is saying something……..

  2. Huge bummer for K-state, I wish they had a stronger schedule so they could 1-up Oregon. I’d like to see Coach Schneider and his boys in the title game with us.