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The Mad Hatter playing mind games with LSU and Arkansas?

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Say it isn’t so, Les.

Rumors are flying right now and being reported from outlets such as ESPN and CBS Sports that LSU head coach Les Miles has an offer on the table from Arkansas. The connection between Miles and AD Jeff Long goes back to their days at Michigan. Why would Miles leave a history-rich program like LSU for the land of the Hogs?

I can think of about 2 million reasons why he would entertain the idea.

Who wouldn’t want to make some extra coin to the tune of $2 million per year? Miles currently makes a reported $3.75 million per year. Arkansas will raise you one, Les, at $5.4 million per year. How mad is the Mad Hatter? It doesn’t take the sharpest tool in the shed to chase a hefty raise and stay in the most powerful conference and division in America, while staying right next door to the wealthiest state in America for recruiting. It’s a state that he knows all too well.

Arkansas has some of the top facilities in America, bar none. They have begun work on a $300 million dollar master facility plan. The Razorbacks will have a new $35 million, 80,000-square-foot football operations center that will be completed in 2013. This will increase the already impressive resume of Reynolds Razorback Stadium. If that’s not enough, stadium expansion will increase seating in excess to 80,000 seats, including Arkansas’ north end zone expansion, south end zone expansion and an academic and dining area for all athletes.

Let’s not forget that Arkansas hired the likes of both Lou Holtz and Bobby Petrino away from NFL teams in their prime. Arkansas has a rich tradition with coaches like Frank Broyles, Lou Holtz and Ken Hatfield. Should it shock anyone that Arkansas is going after yet another big fish? If the Hogs could reel in Miles, and he recruits like he normally does, the SEC West should be very scared at the thought of Les Miles in Fayetteville.  Petrino left an awful taste in the mouth of Arkansas fans, and the entire Razorback Nation is hungry. Arkansas is a school with a ton of money, and a desperate desire to win now. Let’s just hope he would remember to say Arkansas, not AR-Kansas.

Is this a tactic to get a raise at LSU, or is Miles serious about the offer?

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Comments 6

  1. No logical reason for this move. Consider it a ploy.

  2. I tend to this this is a ploy for a raise, too, Toga. Nothing against Arkansas, but why would he leave LSU when he already passed on Michigan?

  3. A ploy it may be, but Nick Saban & Bama, Have left a bad taste in the mouths of the LSU Faithful! From the BCSNC last yr, to all the on-field crap Les pulled, in this years game! I really dont know who the LSU fans would rather have than Les, but I do know that that fan base is getting tired of all the Mad-Hatter antics, over the past few yrs, all those crazy plays, he tries, havent worked for him, & fan bases get fed-up!! Just Sayin!! Anyway, It would be a HOMERUN for Arkansas, if they somehow, pull this off!! No DOUBT!! RTR Hotlanta, Here Comes the TIDE!!

  4. O’Yea, As always, This is Just MY OPINION!!! RTR