LSU punch list for welcoming the Ole Miss Rebels


It is never easy for a team to bounce back after a gut wrenching loss.  When the focus should be picking your head up and moving forward again, typically focus is placed on what went wrong and why did failure occur.  Two times this season, LSU has had to endure painful losses and in both instances, it fought through the haze to win the next Saturday.

The second loss, the big one, was especially noteworthy because not only was it a loss to a hated rival, it also killed any dreams of a championship.  Yet Les Miles and his team didn’t throw an extended pity party.  The Tigers showed up to play last Saturday and beat a solid Mississippi State team. The team kept its focus on winning regardless of how physically and mentally bruised it was from the Alabama game.

This week, the post season picture may have become a bit rosier for LSU with the news that there is still a good chance the Tigers can end up in a BCS bowl.  All they have to do is focus on winning out.  That starts this weekend against Ole Miss.

With that in mind, here is the Tigers’ punch list for becoming BCS bound.

Remember that this is a Rivalry

Ole Miss still has plenty of hate in the tank for LSU, especially after last year’s 52-3 beat down in Oxford.  LSU can ill afford to take the Rebels lightly, especially in Baton Rouge.  In the past decade, the average margin of victory for LSU at home over the rebels is a field goal.  There is even a loss mixed in there for good measure.

Keep Mettenberger Rolling

Ole Miss is 10th in the SEC against the pass, giving up 240 YPG.  This would be another great opportunity to build on what the LSU pass game has been able to accomplish the past two weeks.  The drops and errant passes that plagued LSU earlier this year seemed to have been cured.  Beckham and Landry are finally playing up to the hype while Mettenberger is now showing why is given so much praise coming into this season.  Any success they share over the next few games will only build that much more momentum the 2013 passing game.

Focus on winning

Yes, there is still a sliver of an opportunity to end up in the SEC championship. All that has to happen is for Auburn to beat Alabama.  I have a better shot of Angelina Jolie leaving Brad Pitt for me than Auburn does beating Alabama.  LSU just needs to win out, get into a BCS bowl, and that should satisfy much of the fan base.

A pass for Shep

For the past four years, Tiger fans have been itching to see Russell Shepard throw the ball.  The former five star QB recruit was converted to WR his freshman year.  In his time at LSU, there has always been talk of how cool it would be to see #10 line up and direct the Wildcat.  In his last game at Tiger stadium, why not?

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