Video: LSU vs. Texas A&M highlights




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  • LSU has so much talent but why then are they not explosive? For the very few people that dont know LSU is going through once again another QB situation. Zach M. is not playing up to the expectations of the LSU fans. LSU has gone from a mad hatter offense to an almost all power run offense. Why? Well first of all not only is Zach M. not meeting expectations neither are the receivers who cant break away from coverage, and remember LSU coordinator is an Offensive Line coach who should be on the field and not up in the press box. The coordinator needs to come down from the box and get in the players faces and correct them. Les Miles also needs to get his team together, and he might even need to force someone to become a leader. Did you know that Rivers on LSU is the brother of the NFL QB Philip Rivers? Rivers also is a Freshman (RS Freshman last season) which means he has practices a year more than Zach M. LSU has so much talent, but if they dont get it together then Alabama will do the same thing they did to them in the BCS National Championship game. I dont mean to make fun of Alabama, but there Offensive Line is the only reason they are so good and defense also. Alabama is a great team, but I am getting tired of them always winning. I am sure many other people can agree wth me no matter what conference you are. When Alabama has a bad season, it will show who are the true Alabama fans. I know there are a lot of people out there who just jump on the Alabama bandwagon, and they usually can never explain why the love the Crimson Tide. I wouldnt mind Alabama shutting up Oregon or Kanas State fans either once again many can agree with me. The SEC is clearly the most dominate conference. I dont care who wins the BCS as long as its a team from the SEC. #SEC

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