Richt pledges, “Georgia is not going to fall apart”


On the heels of running into a Mack Truck or a buzz saw Saturday against South Carolina, UGA’s headman Mark Richt vowed he wouldn’t let this team fall apart.

“I’m definitely not losing confidence in this team at all or in our coaching staff or anything like that,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said Sunday. “That’s the worst thing you can do. Teams panic and they tend to fall apart. But Georgia is not going to fall apart.

“A year ago, we’re 0-2 and everybody wants to decide the sky has fallen and it’s over for Georgia. But what did we do? We stayed firm; we believed in each other; we kept banging away; we started to win; and before you know it, we won the Eastern Division. … It’s unfortunate [Saturday’s game] came out the way it did with so much at stake, but there’s still a lot at stake. The sun did come up, and we’re going to get back to work.

“I wouldn’t say it was a flat performance,” he said. “I would just say that South Carolina physically whipped us.”

Whipped you? Try destroyed you. That fits much better.

Georgia was averaging over 48.2 points per game before running into Jadeveon Clowney and company that limited the Dawgs to just seven points. Aaron Murray? Non-factor. “Gurshall”? Non-factor. The nine returning starters on defense? Non-factors.

I bought into the hype of the Bulldogs this season. I thought they were a different team than in the past. Guilty as charged.

Georgia’s only wins over ranked opponents in the past 2.5 seasons came last year against #20 Auburn and #23 Georgia Tech. Georgia’s last win over a top-ten ranked team? You have to travel back to 2009 against #7 ranked Tech.

However, the past four seasons, Georgia has lost to every top ranked opponent they’ve faced.

Georgia still can win the East but only if South Carolina loses two conference games and the Bulldogs win out. The Gamecocks travel to LSU and then to Florida in back-to-back games in the rest of the season. So, it’s certainly still in play.

Marcus Lattimore said it best after Saturday night:

“They were shell-shocked. We hit them in the mouth, and they weren’t ready for it.”

Georgia indeed had no response at any point in the game.

How long before the sleeping giant with tons of five-star talent wakes up?



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  • Not to sound pessimistic but Ive said it in other articles around here. I dont want us to make it to the SECCG. I would much rather see an undefeated South Carolina or Florida make it than us because the Giant with tons of 5 star talent SLEPT through last saturday’s game. Im still a dawg and Im still pulling for us to put together an awesome season but now Im pulling for the SEC East as a whole. I really want to see someone beat Alabama.

    Hypothetically speaking if we make it to the dome by virtue of other team’s losing a few games then I hope the giant is actually awake or we are all going to be walking out of the dome with our tails between our legs like we did last saturday.

  • No argument here. When one team comes out ready to roll and the other still hasn’t gotten off the bus, games tend to end the way this one did. There’s a lot of work to be done on the practice fields.

    Georgia didn’t play Virginia Tech in 2009. Did you mean Georgia Tech, who was a Top-Ten team before they lost to the Dawgs? Georgia did beat VA Tech in somewhat recent memory (the 2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl), but neither team was in the Top 10.

  • So here we are, in the grand age of technology and you cannot spend the 30 seconds it takes to look up the fact that is was not Virginia Tech we beat in 2009, it was Georgia Tech we beat in 2009 and they were #7 at the time. Irresponsible reporting, every bit of your opinion is invaluable due to your lack of responsibility.

    • I agree with the above statement. How does one (that would be you) screw up an article to this degree. Were you just trying to go off of memory or what? At any rate, it is true that when you don’t get any of the facts straight, your article’s credence surely suffers.

      • Hey who gives a rats ass who we beat? as if the point being made is any different..hell Id rather beat Va Tech than Ga tech anyways…hell beatin up on Ga Tech never gets old but does it really matter where theyre ranked? Point is CMR cannot get the players prepared for the spotlight…so IMO it would be best if we did fall apart so that we could get a coach whose #1 priority is to WIN

        • The problem is that Richt is a pretty good coach. He’s just not an elite coach, and the SEC is tough as crap to win in, so if you’re just a pretty good coach, you’re going to win a bunch of games, just not the big games.

      • Sounds like a couple bitter Georgia fans! Relax boys, there’s always 2013.

      • Speaking of Ga Tech…maybe Richt can go hire Al Groh and give Todd Grantham a break. He looked like he needed on after Saturday’s game.

    • You poor, poor Georgia fans. Look at you yelling amongst yourselves. The point being is Richt can’t get any of his players up for a big game. Facing #4 on the road and you lay down like that? Personally, I hope Richt sticks around for ah 10-12 more years. Meanwhile, we took your Georgia grad and are dominating with him.

      • Agreed on Richt but just because SCar handed us one doesnt mean the Gators will in Jville…Id like to see us lose every game EXCEPT Jville…to beat UF and still get a new coach would be perfect. GO DAWGS GO Sic EM!!

        • Seriously. My DAWGS still beat UF this year. Hide and watch. UF fans and the talking heads are all over UF’s nuts right now (usually are anyhow). But I promise that UF is not nearly as good as the rest of the world seems to believe right now.

  • lol at the self-proclaimed “expert” status…. South Carolina was clearly a better football “team.” Good luck with your expert endeavors….

  • While Richt is busy telling everyone that its alright, that SC was just a more physically dominant team, Gene Chizik is reacting the way a coach should. Yes we understand that the players are young, but please stop coddling these guys.

  • This is too everyone besides die-hard uga fans and mainly (the experts); why do you guys always fall for the trap. Uga is the only “self-proclaimed” national power in the SEC that has done nothing in the last 32 years. Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, and yes , EVEN UTenn has been more relevant in years past. Uga is the SEC equivalent of fsu, all the talent in the world and can’t win the big game. Is it the curse of Bobby Bowden? I don’t know but I do agree with anyone that says “No one has done less with MORE than Mark Richt.”

    • Um in 02 we got the SEC championship, 05 we were one Dj Shockley injury away from going undefeated because we lost to UF by only 3points, 07 was the year we were a vote away from playing for it all. We have been relevant. Saban came to Alabama, Urban and Tebow went to Florida, and apparently South Carolina has been recruiting defensive ends. Mark is a great coach.

      • It’s not like we’re ole miss

        • You’re right, because Ole Miss doesn’t have delusions of winning the SEC and getting to the MNC every other stinking year.

      • No offense, but 02 Ohio State won National Champ, 2005 Texas, 2007 LSU. You guys were not in the game and have not been since 1980. I prefaced my comment by saying this is not for die-hard Uga fans, because I knew the argument you would come here and make. Mark Richt is a great coach, just not ELITE.

      • Thanks…hard to find anyone to take the floor for Mark lately.

      • ’07 we got screwed royally! We were #4 and everyone ahead of us lost that week and somehow we get jumped by LSU supposedly cuz we “weren’t in the SEC championship game” so they concluded that we didn’t deserve it, Nevermind the fact that Bama got to play for the championship even tho they weren’t in the SECCG. Wtf is that?! We could’ve beaten ANYONE in the country at the end of ’07. I’d have bet my life on it!

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