VIDEO: College Station Mayor Responds To Muschamp

VIDEO: College Station Mayor Responds To Muschamp

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There’s been a small verbal feud between Florida and Texas A&M in the past couple of weeks. It all started when Will Muschamp felt the need to jab College Station at a Gator Club gathering to get some giggles, and Kevin Sumlin felt the need to respond to Muschamp’s comments, telling him to “worry about his own team”. It was really a child-like verbal altercation.

Now, the mayor of College Station Nancy Barry has a few fighting friendly words for Muschamp and Gator fans when visiting their lovely town on September 8th for the Aggies’ inaugural SEC game.

The Aggies just want everyone in their new conference to really like them.

"Thank you for making it so easy to keep up with my team.
You provide SEC fans with an amazing, free service!"

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  1. Classy, and amusing…Go Gators!