SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

Photo: Miss State debacle during fog machine entrance

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This photo is worth a thousand words:

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Comments 9

  1. Maybe they were just anxious to start tackling somebody.

  2. reminds me of a few years ago when the Clemson player took a tumble running down the hill and broke his leg….

  3. Please don’t laugh at Mississippi State. We should get a medal for having the guts to show up with our schedule- Auburn, Alabama, LSU every year.

    I’m surprised some of our players don’t have PTSD.

  4. Boog
    Commented : 2 years ago

    I soooo want to see this video. I imagine hearing the song from Karate Kid playing in the background…
    You’re the best, around
    Nothing’s ever gonna keep ya down.


  5. Who was leading them on the field? Frank Drebin from Police Squad?

  6. I talked to a photographer at the game and it was apparently a photographer who got to close to them running out

  7. So funny.