Miss State knew Auburn’s plays, and DJ Fluker tips Bama’s plays


Teams and coaches use anything for an edge on their opponent at any time. Just look what the Patriots did in SpyGate.  Although SpyGate broke every single rule possible and was blatant cheating, teams steal their opponents’ signs, calls and plays all the time during games that’s not considered cheating. But we usually don’t hear about it in the media because coaches and players usually keep that kind of stuff under their hat.

If it seemed like Mississippi State knew Auburn’s every move last weekend and looked very good on defense, they might have known exactly what was coming at them.

After the drubbing of Auburn 28-10, Mississippi State let out a little too much information about knowing quarterback Kyle Frazier’s play calls at the line.

“It makes our job as coaches so much easier when (MSU senior linebacker) Cam Lawrence is signaling over his head every time they were calling a pass,” MSU co-defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Geoff Collins said Monday.

Senior defensive back Corey Broomfield added: “We do a great job of preparing and we knew what the play was before they ever ran them. That’s not a joke. We knew what they were doing, where the ball was going and who was getting it before the ball was snapped.”

Cam Lawrence said, “My teammates and I got into (Frazier’s) head and that’s one thing I’m going to do every game if you’re on offense against me. He would call out the signals and I’d tell everybody what the play was and he’d get that confused look in his face.”

Gene Chizik said he wasn’t aware that this was going on.

“I’m not aware. We can rectify that problem.”

I have no problem with this, because teams are always looking for a leg up on their opponent. It’s called smart play by Cam Lawrence and the MSU coaching staff, and it’s been going on forever in nearly every sport. It’s not cheating; don’t go there.  With a young and inexperienced quarterback in Kiehl Frazier, you can expect some of this stuff.  Whether Mississippi State knew going into this game or picked it up during the game, Auburn needs to get this fixed before next week.

In a related – or not so-related – incident, Alabama offensive tackle DJ Fluker was said to be tipping their plays heading into the WKU game. SBNation had the story from WKU coach Eric Mathies about Fluker lining up different in pass plays versus run plays.

“When (offensive lines) have big guys, like big, big guys, they change how they get in their stance. So Fluker’s 6-6, 320. When it’s run, he’ll get down in his three-point stance because he’s coming off. When it’s pass, he’s got that right foot back.”

Nick Saban was thoroughly upset with his offensive line after the game. After all, the Tide won 35-0, but Bama gave up six sacks to the Hilltoppers and ran for only 103 yards, averaging 3.3 yards per carry.

Saban didn’t know anything about the possible tip until informed by reporters yesterday, but wasn’t too concerned.

“We actually asked some of their coaches on their staff if they had any clues on us, and they said they didn’t. I don’t know. I hadn’t heard (about that statement)…

Good to know.”

So, the media informs Saban of the tip, and I’m sure he’s greatly appreciative. Maybe this bought the media a mulligan the next time an opponent is not respected.



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  • well the guy that told all this is an Idiot. You dont tell people how you know whats going on. You tell your team and save it. Now Nick Saban has seen this and all week the Alabama offensive tackle DJ Fluker has been working on his stance and youve lost the edge you thought you had.

  • I love how competitive it is getting in the SEC West. Iron sharpens iron in this conference and especially in that division…

  • Yes, I’m a Mississippi State fan, so I will preface my comment by being completely clear about that. When I read the headline “Miss State knew Auburn’s plays…” and then the first paragraph mentions BILL BELICHICK and spygate, I couldn’t read the article fast enough because OBVIOUSLY, with a headline like that and a reference to spygate, there must be an illegal video from Auburn’s practice right- that somehow fell in the hands of the Mississippi State Defense? So I kept reading (time I will NEVER get back btw) waiting for any similarity AT ALL between MSU’s defense and the Pats’ spygate material. ZERO. ZILCH. Nothing…but you got everyone to read your article- so pat on the back for you! BUT, at what cost? What benefit do you have of taking a quote from Corey Broomfield” We do a great job of preparing and we knew what the play was before they ever ran them,” Broomfield said. “That’s not a joke. We knew what they were doing, where the ball was going and who was getting it before the ball was snapped.” — AND EXTRAPOLATE THAT THEY REALLY KNEW what Auburn was doing? Maybe they were just really well coached after 3 years of disappointing losses to Auburn…Corey Broomfield, I am sure, did not literally mean they knew what Auburn was calling unless he potentially is just really observant and the play calling wasn’t that creative and the offense not as good as in previous years. I think MSU fans are happy we finally beat Auburn again, but we aren’t OBSESSED with it like the SEC media and especially the Auburn fans are…it was one game, but the aftermath of the game has turned ugly now that the insinuation has been made that MSU MUST have known what Auburn was doing…how else could they have been THAT good? Well, here’s a thought. Maybe for a couple of hours on Saturday…Mississippi State’s defense WAS that good…and regardless of whether they over-performed or just had Frazier’s number…THERE IS ZERO SIMILARITY TO BILL BELECHICK’S ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

    • State was picked to beat Auburn. What’s the big surprise?? The better team was picked and won.

    • @Stacimorgan Maybe you haven’t seen all the love we’ve been giving MSU. MSU was the better team, not because they “knew” the plays or not. Maybe you didn’t actually read the entire article like you stated because I make a clear distinction that I have ZERO problem with what MSU did and it’s not cheating.

    • Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
      -Billy Madison, 1995

    • Auburn’s quarterback is not a very good quarterback yet and maybe will never be. But, we still have winning seasons every year, while your team doesn’t. And hasn’t for years. Your team most of the time, beats themselves. Year after year. There is a difference in a good defense and a Great defense. You beat my team, and if your team knew the plays, great for you all, but for a fan such as yourself to say maybe for a couple of hours our defense was that good, to me sounds like you feel it was a fluke. And maybe that is exactly what it was. Not taking any credit away from Miss State, they are always tough. Just not tough enough. But, they were last Saturday. And tough enough to beat us.

      • You’re correct in ways. State does beat itself. By not capitalizing on those turnovers, the score should’ve been 41-10. The product put on the field by Chizik last Saturday looked like the beginning of the end, and was beat in every aspect. Your Defense is equally as terrible, so don’t act like it would’ve been different had he not known the plays…

    • did you read the other 2 quotes? as frazier called out the signals, Lawrence was calling out what the play was. Any time a team runs the type of offense where the QB is calling out the play at the line you run the risk of the defense figuring it out, with a young QB its a lot easier because you tend to be forced to use simpler code. an example is when i was in HS and the QB had to call an audible we used colors for pass plays, certain colors indicated how deep the routs ran. and city, country names indicated runs and the amount of syllables indicated the side. the systems arent much different in college, especially for a young qb. i have no doubt that as much as auburn gets to the line to call their plays that the Miss A&M defence was able to decode the calls after a couple of series. and by the way the ability of M A&M to do that shows how much their d pays attention and the ability to still execute on the plays, regardless if you know whats coming or not is yet another sign of how good that M A&M defense played/is. you obviously feel you know more about the sport than you acutally do

  • Hands down one of the most thought provoking articles I’ve read in a long time!!! There is MONEY in PREPARATION. SCHOLARSHIPS in PREPARATION. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in PREPARATION…….you get the point!!!

  • Similar articles were written last year regarding Cam Lawrence’s ability to read tendencies before the snap. I’ve know players in the past who had the ability to pick up little things as the game progresses. How a RB might lean just before the snap, the difference in the posture or intensity of a WR before a pass play designed to go to him.
    That is what Cam is so good at. It is an intangible that is a rare quality. Almost a 6th sense.
    To have a player with that gift is an advantage indeed.

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