Missouri DT already giving Georgia some locker room material


We are officially in expansion mode this week, as both expansion teams – Missouri and Texas A&M – play their first-ever SEC game. And Missouri is not entering shyly, either.

They’ve done it through video with their fans, and now the players are starting to talk a little trash, too.

DT Sheldon Richardson was asked whether or not he watched Georgia’s game earlier on Saturday before his game.

“I watched that game. I turned it off, too. … It’s like watching Big Ten football. It’s old-man football.”

“If we execute,” he added, “nobody in this league can touch us. Period.”

Missouri is feeling pretty good after their beat down of SE Louisiana 62-10, enough for Richardson to really get this week kicked off right with a little trash talk after a dominating performance over a directional school in Louisiana.

Mark Richt was asked about his “old-man mentality” on Sunday’s teleconference.

“’Old-man football?’ Well, I don’t know what he meant by that,” Richt said. “But bottom line is, we got to get after it and do what we do well, and they’ll be trying to stop everything we’re trying to get accomplished.

“It’s a huge game for them, no doubt,” Richt said. “It’s a huge game for us, too, though, because we’ve got our goals. And they’ve got their goals. Shoot, to me, it’s the biggest game of the year, no doubt. … It’s a monster game.”

Georgia’s old man football consists of a four-man power running game and a big arm at quarterback in Aaron Murray who threw 35 touchdowns last season. Georgia has four running backs and plays a conventional pro-style offense, while Missouri is a spread team.

Welcome to the old man league, Richardson.



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  • Wow. Big ten football? Them is fighting words.

  • At the end of the season, Missouri will be looking to “learn” some old man football!!

  • We could honestly win a shoot-out with them, but man I hope Grantham gets that defense tightened up.

    • Mizzou’s defense is much better than you GA fans think….especially versus the run. GA will not win in a shootout and the problem for the Dawgs is that you will NOT be able to stop Mizzou’s offense…..it spells trouble this Saturday for the little puppies.

  • Mizzou wins this weekend 31-24 and 1 TD comes off of either special teams or defense. Mizzou wins the turnover battle and the Mizzou defense stuns Georgia by stuffing their run game and winning the turnover battle. You heard it here first.

  • “If we execute,” he added, “nobody in this league can touch us. Period.” (Insert laugh track) Last time I checked, Missouri is now in a conference that has had the last six national champions, and if unbeaten in the BCS Championship game. The Tigers last conference championship was in the old Big 8 in 1969. Sounds like someone is whistling past the graveyard…..

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