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Mizzou sends a “thank you” to Georgia in the UGA Newspaper

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Sheldon Richardson apologized for the “Old Man Football” comments and now Mizzou purchased ad space in the UGA Student newspaper to communicate this message:

“Our thanks to all of you Georgia Bulldog fans! What a terrific bunch of visitors you were – Friendly, gracious and fun. We don’t like to lose around here, but both of our teams played an undeniably exciting and awesome game! You gave us an unforgettable first game in the SEC, and we thank you for that. We hope you enjoyed your visit to mid-Missouri and look forward to seeing you next time.”

Mizzou Football Advertisement in UGA Student Newspaper

Photo was taken by @TrentPearson26.

You can watch highlights of the UGA vs Mizzou game here.

Is it Southern Hospitality or Midwestern Charm?

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  1. Cool gesture. But we still plan to put a whoopin on you in Columbia in 8 days!

    • Good Luck.. Last time we played you put a whoopin on us the first half but we put a bigger whoopin on you the second half and won!!

  2. This is kind of gay. What are we British tennis players?