5 SEC teams in top 8 of latest BCS Poll


The fourth BCS poll was released tonight, and here are the results of the top 25 heading into week 11:

1. Alabama
2. Kansas State
3. Oregon
4. Notre Dame
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. South Carolina
9. Louisville
10. FSU
11. Oregon State
12. Oklahoma
13. Clemson
14. Stanford
15. Texas A&M
16. Nebraska
17. Texas
18. UCLA
19. Southern Cal
20. La Tech
21. Miss State
22. Texas Tech
23. Rutgers
24. Northwestern
25. Toledo

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  • Georgia will beat Alabama in the SECCG.

    • Ha that actually made me laugh out loud.

    • What in the HELL are you smokin! You just lost another pass threat via Ole Miss, torching ANY hope that you can compete with or give Bama any chance of a run…..You See, GA DOES NOT KNOW how to play 60 minutes….Bama DOES! Dont get it twisted…..I am a long standing member of Gamecock Nation, and I by no means have rose colored glasses on, and neither should you…but I applaud you enthusiam….and hope…..

  • I can’t wait to watch Alabama manhandle those northwest pansies up in Oregon. Nice defense against USC this weekend.

    • Poor Chip Kelly, I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him (lol, yeah right). At least this year, he can sit back and relax and not worry about playing in the BCSCG, bcuz I really think K-State is going to win out. Which, if I was Kelly, I’d be rooting for. This way he doesn’t have to get manhandled by another SEC team, and can B!@#$ about how they got left out of the big game.
      As far as Bama, I’d really be a little more worried about TAMU. When LSU revved up the tempo, it really put pressure on Bama, and TAMU runs a much faster, more rehearsed offense then LSU… still think Bama gets it though.

      • You are banking on Oregon holding Bama’s D-Line for at least three seconds, which IS NOT going to happen! You see, LSU did Bama a favor by battle testing them, and you have another thing coming if Saban is going to sit back and be comfortable with that performamce by his defense….Oregon has yet to face a defense that can and will come up and bust their receivers in the mouth…..CANT WAIT! As a member of Gamecock Nation, I hope they win out….until we see them in Atlanta next December!

      • Florida and LSU provided the blueprint for how to beat A&M. Don’t blitz, rush with your down linemen, and provide good secondary coverage. If you don’t collapse the pocket, you take away Manzell’s ability to improvise. He goes from being “Johnny Football” to being another freshman QB in the pocket trying to pass against a top tier SEC defense.

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