New BCS Rankings dominated by the Southeastern Conference


Saturday night was fun. The SEC had 6 teams in the Top 25 of the BCS Rankings last week, but would be out of the National Championship without wins by Stanford and Baylor. As Kevin discussed earlier, this has been a great football season for the BCS.

New BCS Rankings

1) Notre Dame
2) Alabama
3) Georgia
4) Florida

5) Oregon
6) Kansas State
7) LSU
8) Stanford
9) Texas A&M
10) Florida State
11) Clemson
12) South Carolina
13) Oklahoma
14) Nebraska
15) Oregon State
16) Texas
17) UCLA
18) Rutgers
19) Michigan
20) Louisville
21) Oklahoma State
22) Boise State
23) Kent State
24) Arizona
25) Washington



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  • BCS is smoking crack if they think Alabama should be higher than Georgia. UGA clearly is the better team…

    • That’s not how the BCS works. It’s more of an equation. This is where strength of schedule plays a difference. Both UGA and Bama are one loss teams. You got blown out by the #12 team, while Bama lost by a relatively close margin to the #9 team. You’re ranked ahead of UF because you’re both one loss teams, but their loss is to y’all. The AP is where opinion of who the “better team” is. The “better team” in the BCS is based of record, strength of schedule, etc.

    • were not gonna jump them with that terrible loss. we are playing are best ball right now so i think we can take them though.

    • Don’t say that. Just leave the talking to the football field. If were the best Georgia will win it all. Just let the ball games do the talking.

      • Word…we got a pretty damn important game this weekend too…last thing we need is a letdown vs tech who would love to piss all over our bcs hopes

    • 13 days and counting………… like I said before, go ahead and get the trash talking ‘outta your system. As is usually the case, dawg fans will have yet more excuses…… after THE BEATDOWN.

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