Nick Saban called a liar by ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski


Rumors were circulating about the Philadelphia Eagles trying to hire Nick Saban and Ron Jaworski was asked what he thought about it when he was on air with 97.5 in Philly this week. Here was his response:

“I’m not a Saban guy, because I don’t like liars, and I think he lied. I think he lied to the Miami Dolphins, and to the fans of Miami, and he left. And it’s pretty simple, I think integrity is very important, if you don’t have integrity, I don’t know how you can be successful.

Yeah, I know he’s great at Alabama, and he’ll probably win another national championship, but I just don’t like people that don’t have integrity, so it’s pretty easy for me to say I don’t want Nick Saban in town.”

Leave your response below and feel free to give him hell on twitter (@jawsespn) just like we did to Ralph Cindrich when he said Nick Saban was cheating this summer.



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  • Whats the big deal? He lied to Mich St,he lied to LSU,He lied to Miami, Hell he’s even lied to Alabama They just dont know it yet..Bottom line if he’s your coach and he’s winning YOU dont care if he lies just win football games at ANY cost..
    INTEGRITY you either have it or you dont..

  • Hope Coach Saban lies to these bammers and leaves after the BCSNC game and goes to the Browns….They say its a done deal if he wins.

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