Orange Bowl deal finalized


The ACC and the Orange Bowl have finalized their deal which includes ramifications for the SEC. As we noted this week, the SEC has a tie-in moving forward with the Orange Bowl along with the Big Ten and Notre Dame. Today we have a little more clarity on how this will work.

From the ACC press release:

The selection of the opponent will be based on the guiding principle of securing the highest-ranked team in the final standings available from the Big Ten, SEC or Notre Dame, but will also utilize criteria that shares the minimum appearance standards as agreed upon by all parties. The standards include at least three guaranteed appearances over the 12 years for both the Big Ten and the SEC and a maximum of two with no minimum for Notre Dame.

“The tradition of the SEC playing in the Orange Bowl began over 75 years ago and since that time we have played in 39 Orange Bowls,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. “We are pleased to renew this long standing relationship with the Orange Bowl and appreciate having the opportunity to compete in front of a national audience on ESPN against the ACC.”

The SEC will get a minimum of three appearances in the Orange Bowl in the next 12 years.

The next postseason structure will have a 12-year term. Ten of those 12 years, the Orange Bowl matchup will be already determined. During four of the years, the Orange Bowl will host a semifinal game for the playoff. We’ll have an ACC vs SEC matchup in another three and an ACC vs Big Ten matchup in another three. That leaves two season which will be the ACC vs either Notre Dame or a high ranked Big Ten or SEC team.

SEC fans, get your nightclub outfits ready and bring your sunscreen. We’re taking our talents to South Beach.



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