Photos: Impact of Harvey Updyke on Toomer’s Oaks


Photo of Toomer’s Corner before Harvey Updyke poisoned the Oak trees:

Auburn University Toomer's Corner Oak Trees

Toomers Corner at Auburn University

There is a chance the trees on Toomer’s Corner could survive, but Auburn needed to do some major pruning yesterday. Here’s a statement from the university:

The Toomer’s Corner Oaks were pruned significantly today for safety reasons, based on advice from Auburn University’s Tree Preservation Committee. A tree service contractor, under the supervision of Auburn’s Facilities Management, removed weakened branches above the plaza and streets at the corner of College Street and Magnolia Avenue. The work was done between summer and fall semesters because of fewer pedestrians on campus and less vehicle traffic. While long-term decisions about the trees have not been made, fans are still welcome to gather at the corner this fall and continue the tradition of rolling the trees with toilet paper.

Here are the current photos courtesy of of the beloved Oak trees on Toomer’s Corner:

Auburn University Tree Pruning Toomers Corner

Toomer's Oaks Tree Pruning Auburn Toomer's Corner

Tree Pruning at Toomers Corner Auburn University

Pruning Toomers Oaks at Auburn University August

Current Photo Auburn Tomers Oak Trees

Pruning on Trees at Auburn Toomers Corner

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  • Is there a fund raising effort to which all fans of the SEC, regardless of allegiance may contribute to the cost of replacement with trees of similar size?

    • Im with Mbradx3 !! What can we do to help Auburn ?? I mean Im not gonna root for you guys when playing Georgia, but I would love to help save the Toomer’s Oaks !! I would love to help save them !!

  • I am a BAMA fan through and through but what this guy did is despicable and I would love to see him hung by his thumbs from the highest limb left on these trees. With more tender love and care and a lot of good energy sent their way I hope they will recover. What is it with men who have to kill things to prove a point?

  • This just makes me sick. I grew up on Bama football, Bear Bryant and winning with class. There is no room for this disgusting behavior in our state. Auburn fans, I’m so sorry that this man destroyed something so dear.

  • Well folks I am a DAWGS fan so it is what it is !! GO DAWGS !!
    I have to say that the Toomer’s Oaks incident is just plain making me sick !!
    I am so sorry that that Auburn University is having to deal with such a loss such a great tradition !! I love my Dawgs football and have all my life !! I know its just a game and we all love our teams as it should be, but this type of vendetta for a loss of a game is just plain wrong !! This man has taken his own week self and trashed a tradition that goes back way beyond his existence !! Sorry to say Mr. Updyke but what in the world were you thinking ?? These athletes work hard and study hard and are our future !! Auburn is a powerhouse in the SEC and always will be !! They all want to win !! WE ALL WANT TO WIN !! GO DAWGS, ROLL TIDE AND KEEP ON GOING AUBURN !! I know you will !!
    LETS PLAY SOME FOOTBALL !! Lets remember that its a game and please lets not destroy what makes the best part of this game good !! TRADITION !!

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