New Vanderbilt football uniforms & white helmet


New 2012 Vanderbilt Commodores Football Uniforms

The new Vandy football uniforms, designed by the Vanderbilt football staff, are made with Nike’s high-tenacity Cordura knit fabric and feature black, gold and white jerseys and pants. The final piece of equipment that was shown to the crowd was a white helmet. Last season, Vanderbilt debuted a black helmet that the team wore in addition to their gold helmet.

Several key changes are incorporated in the 2012 design:

  • For the first time since 1994,”Vanderbilt” will be displayed on the front ofCommodore jerseys. The name will be in all caps above jersey numbers.
  • A gold “anchor” emblem adorns the homeplate or front “V” neck of all jerseys. Last year, the Star V logo was stitched there.
  • “Anchor Down” text is stitched in the interior of each jersey neckline.
  • Nike’s iconic “flywire” stitching is incorporated into the high impact shoulder area of each jersey.
  • The gold jersey top features black shoulder coverings, black lettering and black numbers. Last year, the gold jersey had white numbers.
  • All jerseys have an updated circular SEC patch stitched over the right breast. The Nike swoosh is over the left breast.
  • Star V logos will adorn each hip of the pants. In 2011,a lone Star V logo was located on the left front of the uniform pant.

The uniforms were unveiled at a ceremony last night and here are some photos and videos of it:

New 2012 White Football Helmet Vandy Commodores

White Vanderbilt Football Helmet 2012 Vandy Season

New 2012 Gold Vanderbilt Football Uniforms

New White Away Uniforms 2012 Vanderbilt Football

New Black Home Uniforms 2012 Vanderbilt Football

New Vandy Football Uniforms 2012 SEC Season

What do you think about the new Vandy Uniforms?



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  • It’s hard not to be a Vandy fan in the SEC, they don’t really win enough to tick people off and I’ve always just loved Vanderbilt football.
    These uniforms are awesome, a new look to go with a new era in their football program, I love them. The gold jerseys are what’s up, and the full black and full white jerseys aren’t bad themselves even though I could use a leg stripe on them. I love the classic classy plain look. New but not over the top, well done.

  • Lookin good vandy….Diggin the gold n black uni…and the white helmet is nice

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